Guess which trend has come back from the 90s? That glittering, shimmering, glossy, pouty, shiny little effect on your lips. Yes, the lip gloss is IN again. But this time, more powerful, with improved non-sticky formulas and (many of them) with a lip plumping effect. Are you ready to shine bright like a diamond, or more precisely, your lips to shine through the night? If you are still reluctant, read on to find out why the Lip Gloss is your must-have weapon.

Effortlessly Chic and Glamorous

Just with a layer of your favorite lip gloss, you can have a beaming smile that reflects the beauty of your lips. It will make the lips plumped and you will get a sexy little pout for seducing and flirting. As I already said, some of them can be found in the shape of lip plumpers or lip plumping lipstick. You apply it on the lips, wait for several minutes and thanks to the incredible formula, your lips will be naturally plumped. No needles, no fillers, no pain only gain. I am IN for that!

Choose Your Shade

Lip Glosses don’t have to be just clear and transparent layers of awesomeness. In fact, you can find different shades and textures to choose from. Thus, you can pick an intense pink shade or a bold red tone, or, if you are ready to get out of your comfort zone, you might try the metallic types and exude self-confidence.

Unique and Original

The effect that the lip gloss has can’t be followed by the effect of the lipstick. Its uniqueness is very versatile because not only can it be used on its own but also in combination with other products. For example, it can be used as a top coat onto your favorite lipstick to give the lips that voluminous pout or in combination with the lip plumper: you add a layer of the lip plumping device and once the results start showing, you coat them with your favorite shade of lip gloss.

Throwback to the Past

As the lip gloss makes its comeback from the past, the 90s – to be more precise – it creates a full circle of a beauty trend that many adored and loved. The thick, pigmented shiny effect of the lip gloss might remind you of some crazy fun time in the past, so why not go bring some memories up?

Healthy and Moisturizing

It might surprise you the fact that the lip gloss is, in fact, healthy and offers hydrating benefits to your lips. Well, that is justifiable, since the formulas in the past were sticky and tended to dry the lips skin. However, today, the quality lip glosses have conditioning ingredients that will moisturize your lips. What is more, you can even find lip glosses that are made of completely natural ingredients and will bring you nothing but health and awesomeness.


Special Thanks to our guest post contributor, Anna Coxhell, with Neveya Cosmetics.







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Viva Glow
2 years ago

I remember that roll-on lipgloss from way back that would just get your hair all sticky. This sounds like fun! Thanks for the info!