Ladies, are your nails yellowed or stained from years of wearing nail polish? I know mine were.

Here’s a tip… By combining vinegar and lemon juice, you can have a natural fingernail polish remover that won’t do damage to your nails, especially if your nails are already fragile.

When I did the research, I found that there are several reasons why this happens:

1. Not wearing a clear coat beneath your actual nail polish.
2. Darker colors can cause a chemical reaction between the pigments in your nails and the nail itself.
3. Not wearing a good, name brand nail polish that can help keep your nails from staining in the first place.

If you are like me, I LOVE wearing different color nail polish. It just makes me feel good about myself and it’s fun. Keep your nails beautiful by keeping them clean and beautiful….And if you are looking for a good polish, try Julep. You can’t go wrong with their fantastic monthly box!


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