Organic this and organic that…

From makeup to shampoo to deodorant to the produce at the grocery store. We hear about organic items in just about every corner of our lives as consumers.

But, what is all the hype really about when it comes to organic makeup?

Makeup is no doubt an essential beauty item that women all over the world value and use on a daily basis. And, it doesn’t look like many females are in any hurry to ditch this daily necessity…

But, some are running to switch to organic makeup as opposed to their traditional brands.

It is no secret that makeup enhances one’s beauty – that is why women wear it. They want to enhance their eyes, cover up a blemish, or accentuate their lovely cheekbones.

But, what makeup also does is expose you to a range of health concerns that mostly stem from the chemicals and other components in non-organic makeup…

In fact, some personal care products might even be linked to cancer and other physical issues which is why the hype has been generated for organic makeup.

And, there are a few reasons why you should switch to these healthier alternatives:

4 Reasons to Use Organic Makeup

No girl likes to switch up her routine – she has likely been doing it day in and day out for years. And, we all become very accustomed to the brands we have known to be tried and true.

But, these reasons might just have you running to your local beauty store to make the switch:

  1. No harsh chemicals are used.Oftentimes, we don’t really think much about the contents of our makeup…As long as it is made for our skin type, matches our skin tone and provides the coverage we need, we are typically on board to purchase it.But, there are several very harsh chemicals commonly used in makeup that might just be making that trouble acne you are experiencing even worse.Two chemicals most commonly used in cosmetics are parabens and phthalates – both of which have been linked to medical issues such as type II diabetes and cancer. However, organic makeup makes a point to offer products you will love, but without using these harmful chemicals.Now, are you starting to think twice about putting on your favorite non-organic foundation tomorrow?
  2. They are gentle on the skin.Think about this – your skin is the warrior for your body. In fact, it is the first line of defense meaning it is there to stop other bacteria from entering your body. So, you should do everything you can to protect it, right?You wouldn’t simply throw away your shield in battle, so, why would you willingly damage your skin?All of the harsh chemicals used in non-organic makeup are not only harmful but they are harsh on your skin. They can leave it dry, cracked, and damaged. And, once the skin reaches this point, bacteria can enter much easier.How much better does it sound to use a makeup that is actually working to better your skin while you use it?
  3. It protects from premature aging.If you go into the cosmetics section of any local drug store or take a trip to the beauty supply store, you will likely see a wide array of products that promote their ability to prevent aging. From eye creams to face masks – they claim they can help prevent wrinkles, crow’s feet, and more.But, organic makeup which uses natural minerals can actually deliver on that statement.Thanks to the natural minerals found in organic makeup, it provides a certain level of sun protection from your skin which helps protect it from harmful UV rays that can cause several signs of aging.In addition, many organic products provide your skin with vital antioxidants like vitamin C, which also provide additional sun-shielding benefits.
  4. They are eco-friendly.You are always hearing about products that are friendly to our environment…And, while being friendly to your skin is important, being friendly to our environment is important as well.Most organic beauty products make a point to avoid harmful chemicals that cause damage to our planet, such as the destruction of rainforests of South America.Choosing products that are aluminum-free can have a major positive impact on both your body and our environment.

When it comes down to it, it is your job to protect your skin. You only get this one set of it and it needs to last.

Why would you willingly harm it when you know you can use better products that will actually protect it?

Next time you go shopping for makeup, I encourage you to take a look at some of the organic products and compare them to what you use now. You will be surprised at the difference.


Now, let’s hear your thoughts: Have you ever used organic makeup? What is your favorite organic product?


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