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Top Beauty Tips To Include In Your Beauty Regimen

– Get That Fabulous Look You Have Been Dreaming About written by: Jayden Hall Every woman should have her own bag of beauty tricks – whether you apply mascara, eyeshadow or foundation, you have to approach the correct beauty regimen in order to get that fabulous look you have been dreaming about. Remember that beauty do not consists only of applying makeup, but also about using proper skincare products, which will contribute to providing you a fresh and feminine aspect. Here are top beauty tips to help you beat even those celebs whose look is always flawless.

Curl your lashes before applying mascara
Just applying mascara will not curb your lashes perfectly will, thus your look will not be as intense as you expect it to be. Curling your lashes will make them beautifully curbed, so simply shoot some warm air from your blowdryer on the lash curler to enhance its potency, place it at the roots of your lashes, then curl them – the effect will be instant and will last much more than normally, helping you obtain that look that will make you a wonderful woman.

Moisturize your skin before applying foundation
Avoiding “face cake” effect is much more complicated than you may think – if your skin is very dry, make sure to moisturize it properly using either a moisturizing cream or herbal oil, such as coconut or olive oil. This will allow the foundation to be evenly distributed all across your skin, hiding your flaws and making your face look perfect. Avoid applying a big quantity of moisturizer, otherwise you risk not obtaining the look you want – do not forget about sunscreen, which will offer you complete protection from the harmful UVA and UVB rays.

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Bring brightness to your face by highlighting the inner corners of your eyes
This is an old, yet very efficient trick to bring brightness to your face and make it look fully awake and fresh. Take a light-colored eye pencil or eyeshadow and apply a very small quantity in the inner corners of your eyes, then simply blend it with the other makeup products you are using, to obtain a whole look. Use the same eye pencil or eyeshadow to highlight the area right under your eyebrows, as well as the middle of your upper eyelid. Your look will become substantially brighter, and all your wrinkles will become less observable.

Wear best eyeshadows for your eye color
The best way to get the look you are dreaming about is choosing those eyeshadows whose colors correspond to your eye color. Blue eyes go perfectly with colors like gold and browns, while green eyes are fitted with browns and pinks. Jewel colors, blue and green flatter brown and black eyes ideally; lavender and plum shades will fit any eye color. Usually, the best eyeshadow palette should create the perfect contrast with your eye color – keep this in mind when making a choice, to avoid looking bad.

Once you follow the above-mentioned beauty tips, you should be able to obtain that fabulous look you expect – as long as your beauty regimen is correct and perfectly adapted to your needs, the results are guaranteed and easily reachable.

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