I am not sure about you, but most of my after shower routine is about 90% involved with curing my never ending acne. I have been through so many products. I spend all my money on face washes, cleansing strips and masks that don’t seem to work. These companies producing these products fill our minds with colorful words like “it really works!”, “Life Changing”, “My Newest go to product”. When in reality, we know that is not entirely true. All these cleansing brands are not needed! They have one job to make us satisfied. Cure our acne! Now, everyone has a different type of complexion and skin type. I scroll through my Instagram on the daily to see the latest trends. Face masks seem to be the latest skin care product. The great news is that Face masks come in a variety of ways! For example; There is this company that goes by the name of TonyMony made a line of face masks for different purposes. They include Tomato Masks, Broccoli Masks, Avocado Masks, red vine masks etc. Each type of mask has a different solution for your fine beautiful skin! The tomato mask helps replenish your skin. Broccoli sounds just as weird as you think, but this works as well! Broccoli helps get back your energy you might have lost. The pomegranate helps with elasticity. Making your skin feel a little tighter and look healthier. There are many more scents and types of masks from Tony Mony. There are also other alternatives to face masks.


Let’s dive into the next Mask you could try out. You have most likely seen these commercials already. From the people that brought you all the acne moisturizers, and blackhead strips bring to you a new product. The Acne clearing Light ray mask. They make it look so simple and easy to get rid of that stubborn acne! Does it work for sure? That is an answer that is answered with a yes! Now it doesn’t instantaneously happen in one shot. It happens over time just like facewash. What you would do is buy the mask, then buy the mask activator. You must wash your face before putting the mask on. After, you keep the mask on for ten minutes then unplug it and done! This is chemical free, UV free, as well as FDA cleared. So why not?


There is a trend going around. Everyone is applying glue to their faces and ripping it off. Now, does that seem reasonable to you? The answers may vary on this topic. If your applying the right type of materials to the mask and to your face, then this is right. If your just applying Elmer’s glue to your face, you need a few tips to help you out. Yes, Elmer’s glue is non-toxic to every person. This does not however fix all your problems. For this face mask you need a specific type of glue, which is PH Neutra PVA Adhesive. This is very affordable at a price of seven dollars. You will need to put this in a bowl with crushed charcoal tablets. These you could find on amazon for seven dollars as well. Keep mixing while adding more crushed tablets until the mix is completely black. Apply the mask to your face. Wait until it’s fully dry then peel off. It’s that simple! The truth behind these masks, is that no matter which type of mask you go to, they all do wonders to your face!

Juliana Rose Cohon

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4 years ago

I am confused by this article, though it was informative and interesting to read, what is the free product?