The Makeup Combo You Need


Beauty, just like anything else in life requires effort. If you ask those who do physical training, like going to the gym or exercising, what their secret is, they’ll tell you it’s making a habit of it, making sure you do it on a daily basis and never quit. Beauty is the same. You look after yourself on a daily basis, doing all the little things to look your best. But what if you need that extra boost that the little things can’t offer.

A Little Boost

Which is why through advancements in technology and medicine, we’ve developed Botox injections. You’ve probably heard of the word “Botox” and probably a lot of misinformation. Many people have a negatively charged understanding of Botox, but truth be told, Botox is nothing more than a way for you to be more confident with you physical appearance.

Botox injections, simply put, smooth out your skin by making the facial muscles work less. What this means is that your skin naturally smoothens itself out, with the less muscle work to constantly keep it under strain.

The Combo

Now, how can you use Botox to your further advantage. Well, with Botox’s amazing abilities of smoothening out skin damage, such as aging and other scarring, combining these effects with your standard make up procedures could have an exponential effect on how you look.

The Botox can accentuate the contours of the face, chiseling the shape of it and making all the places stand out, you can apply further make up and all the desired parts of your face become striking.

Now yes, many make up professionals as well as many people who know how to apply make up can do this without Botox, but unfortunately, not everyone has these skills. But Botox gives you that helping hand in reaching these amazing results in your physical appearance.

Where to Look

But you’re probably thinking that Botox is really hard to find and organize a session. And you’ve probably gotten this impression from all the news of your favorite stars and celebrities getting injections and all the drama surrounding it. So,  be surprised to find that Botox is much more accessible than you think. And your make up and Botox combo is closer than you think.

Nowadays, doing a little search online can reveal many clinics which specialize in Botox in your city. All of them offer a variety of treatments, each specializing in their own little ways. Ask for advice from any of the specialists and they’ll tell you that Botox is one of the most effective ways of reaching the beauty results that you strive for.

Keeping Up the Work

Going back to the example of going to the gym, you have to still understand that keeping track of your beauty habits requires a lot of hard work. Knowing what make up to use in the right places, when and under what kind of lighting and conditions is still important. But again, Botox gives you that little boost you need to make the results even greater.

Reading through online feedback, and even simply looking through before and after evidence of people who’ve had Botox injections, you’ll find that many have been so satisfied with their injections, that they’ve noticed a great difference in their make up application. Some have resorted to using less make up or not as often, since Botox does so much to smoothen and bring out the contours of the face.

And even more people have written that they have a much easier time putting on make up, now that their skin is smooth. With smoother skin, you can expect to be done with your make up in a far less time, since you also don’t have to put that extra effort into putting tons of foundation on age marks or acne scars.

So if you’ve been looking for a little boost in your beauty habits, do ask your trusted clinic about Botox. If you still haven’t found one that offers Botox injections, you’re only a few clicks away from finding an amazing clinic that offers something you’ll surely appreciate. All you need to do is find the time to get the injection, which itself takes less than an hour, as well as a few days to take a break from work, for the short 3 day downtime following the procedure.


Thank you so much to our Guest Post contributor, Ann Lewis


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