The Amazing Intimacy Box – Experience the Art Of Intimacy

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March 10, 2019
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The Amazing Intimacy Box – Experience the Art Of Intimacy

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The Amazing Intimacy Box – My Honest Review


Intimacy is an art form. It has to be nurtured in order for both parties to reap the benefits of that relationship. To me the word itself means a feeling of companionship, togetherness, closeness, Sometimes it involves a sexual component, other times it’s just spending time together doing everyday things. Intimacy can take some work but if you truly love the other person then it can be the most wonderful feeling in the world.

Recently I found a subscription box called the Amazing Intimacy Box, or Ai Box. It is a box full of different items that couples can use to help create or enhance those intimate moments. I applied to review the box and was chosen to do this review. BTW, I never accept payment for any review that I do. This is my honest review of this box.

All of the products are designed to be used together as a couple to help create those intimate moments and really enjoy yourselves in the process.  The Amazing Intimacy Box is a quarterly subscription Box for those wanting more intimacy in their relationship. It focuses on building love and intimacy in a fun and inspiring way. There are lots of products and inspiring suggestions in the box designed for nurturing that relationship and creating intimacy that you’ve never known before. Designed by Family Therapist and Intimacy Coach, Leslie Gustafson, the box has TONS of products and advice on how to grow your relationship and create that powerful bond with your partner.


Watch the video for the full review. There are also a few pics of what’s in the box below the video.


Yours and Mine” Marbles Boz Artisanal Mugs

The box included 2 “Yours and Mine” Marbles Boz Artisanal Mugs in Pink and Grey.  The Pink one was broken but that’s OK.  I took over the Grey one.  🙂 We also got 2 packets of Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Premium Hot Cocoa for sitting by the fire and sipping on those cold nights!

His and Hers Socks

His and Hers Socks for those cold nights really warm your toes! One bright Pink, Yellow and Green pair for the Outgoing, fun one of you and the other for the more serious
of the two of you.

Chocolate Peppermint Brown Sugar Scrub

Pamper your skin (and your partner’s) with this delectable Chocolate Peppermint Brown Sugar Scrub and indulge your senses. Scrub each other until your skin is soft and pampered!

Chocolate Scrub Picture

8-10″ Ostrich Feather

Enjoy romantic evenings utilizing your touch senses. Pair this beautiful Ostrich Feather with your touchable mask and create a romantic interlude you both will never forget!

This video is my honest review of the Amazing Intimacy Box’s newest box called “Baby, it’s Cold Outside”. Their first box “Love is in the Air” sold out the day it shipped! I receive TONS of subscription boxes, mostly beauty and makeup boxes. This review was a great way for me to try some of the other types of subscription boxes out there. The box costs $54.99 a quarter, which is actually cheaper than some other boxes which you pay for monthly and had tons of value for the money. I really felt like I was getting something of quality in this box. There were 6 items, but what is really neat, is that you get two of each item. One for yourself and one for your partner.

I would definitely suggest this box to anyone seeking a more intimate relationship with their partner.

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