5 Best Eyeshadow Colors for Spring


The sun is peeking out from behind the clouds and the cold is starting to die down–Spring has returned at last! It is time to kick off those winter boots and start accessorizing with colors that match this festive, colorful season. And what better way to welcome in the season that with a new eyeshadow regimen? Check out these styles and see what eyeshadow color works best for your Spring attire.

Go Green!

Spring is the season of life, particularly the blooming of plant life. Go bright and go green with a lime green palette that will really make your eyes shine. Go big and bold with thick strokes, or try a more subtle approach and use this eyeshadow color as more of an eyeliner. No matter how you rock it, these bright greens will show the world you are unafraid and ready to face the day.

The Power of Pastels

This season hosts Easter holiday, which means bright yet muted colors in a variety of soft pinks, yellows, purples, and reds. Try a combination of them all, or stick to a chosen few to create your perfect look. Easter pastel styles embody the heart of the season, which embraces the ideas of rebirth and renewal. Try some yellow bases with pink highlights to really bring out the joy of the season with your makeup.

Sunset Hues

Embrace the beauty of the sunset with a palette full of soft purples, deep yellows, and light oranges. Start with a lavender base and accent it with some strokes of orange and yellow. If you feel like you are till lacking in variety, use a deep blue as an eyeliner to mirror the sky. During this season, the sun is the central figure, and encapsulating the majesty of its setting with your eyeshadow is a great way to show your confidence and try something new.

Neutral Beauty

Warm and vibrant colors are one thing, but the neutral tones never really go out of style, no matter the season. Embrace a tame palette made up of brown shades that can be mixed and applied around the eyes to create a unique, subtle look that still has the power to turn heads. A neutral palette offers a matte finish that will simmer rather than sparkle, and is always a good match with nearly any outfit.

Metal Rocks

Whether you are looking at a palette of bright colors or a palette of dark tones, you cannot go wrong with the metallic look. Add a bit of flair to your eyelids and swipe on that shiny coat of color. You can use metallic colors as a base for your eye lids or as a crease definer, depending on your personal style. Either way, metal is the future, and the future is now!

Dark, Cool Hues

Spring is the season of life and color, but not all life and color are bright and cheery. Embrace the shadows with a palette of cool, darker hues, like a deep turquoise base with a navy highlight, to really bring out the deeper color of your eyes. There is a unique beauty to the way that darker hues highlight the eyes, and what better time to show them off than at the close of winter?


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