Although you are mum, you still have the right to be stylish, and the option to show off your inner fashionista are better than ever before. Forget about slouching in your baggy pants and wide T-shirts, you can be a trendy mum in no time if you follow the latest trends. You should invest in key items that can be worn during versatile occasions.




Go for a maxi dress

Maxi dress is something that will elongate your figure and give you an instant confidence boost. Opt for the floral print ones and be sure to nail the lock with matching accessories – a bunch of bracelets is a must to create the lovely boho look. Remember to have a half moon bag and you will be the trendiest person wherever you go. The bag is excellent for carrying around all the baby stuff and still looking trendy.
Leggings are a must

If you are looking for something comfortable to wear every day, choose leggings. You can go for an athletic look if you pair it with some nice trainers. But, leggings can be stylish too. Opt for an interesting shirt and wedges and you will be good to go in no time. With so many errands to run, you will most comfortable if you are wearing some leggings. Choose cheap children clothing and find matching pieces of leggings and let your children feel the ease as you do.





Pick some comfy shorts

With the sweltering heat coming sooner than you might actually think, you’d better start looking for some nice pair of shorts. Pick khaki ones because they will be perfect to match with all the rest of the outfit. Choose some neon top and white sandals and spice everything up with a statement necklace.
Rompers to get

Not everyone is fond of rompers because you have to be really good-looking to wear them, but there is nothing as comfy as a nice pair of rompers. You can find denim ones and wear them all summer long. With a nice tote bag you will have everything you need. Forget about wasting a lot of time finding a perfect outfit, opt for rompers and you will have nothing to worry about during your active day.


Split neck tee is to die for
If you want to look stylish but stay active at the same time, you should get a split neck tee. You can pair it with shorts, long skirts, jeans, whatever you feel like wearing. Get a white one and look classy! You can always pair it with some comfortable sandals to feel good while going through the everyday hustle and bustle. But if you feel like getting more dressed up, go for a black pencil skirt and some pointed heels. Think about a bag big enough to carry all the things you will need for your children.
When it comes to summer outfits, you should still look trendy even though you are a mom. The very fact that you are now a mother means you will have more options to choose from. You can choose some comfortable pieces such as maxi dresses, shorts and rompers to wear during the day and go for some posh tees during the night. Your active life can be stylish too if you follow the trends.


Thanks to our guest blogger, Gabriella Dissendorf, with High Style Life  for submitting this post.



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