Summer Fashion Styles 2014

Summer Fashion Trends: The Must-Haves for The Upcoming Season – Back To The 90’s in 2014

With summertime around the corner, the fashion industry is ever-changing, bringing new great garments that can make you both stylish and very feminine. Whether you strive for elegance or casualness, the trends are continually changing, so you have to always stay tuned for the latest must-haves. From nineties-style slip dresses to biker jackets, there are so many trends you can try, all of them helping you get a unique, one-of-a-kind look that will be both beautiful and exciting. Check the list below to see the latest fashion trends to inspire you.

Nineties-style Slip Dresses

The 90s have always been fashionable, and they still are, as many fashion designers suggest. These dresses have a grown-up makeover in beautiful and expensive fabrics, enabling you to easily make a statement and outline your silhouette. Pastel colors like ivory and pale pink are ideal, and different shades of burgundy will also be great. You can try sandals for this type of dresses, and metallic ones will best fit the rest of your outfit. Consider simple accessories, such as a fine necklace or tiny earrings, and make sure to opt for a tiny clutch, but no huge tote or bag.

Biker Jackets

Biker jackets have been an agreeable wardrobe companion for a long while, so be brave enough to add a new garment to your wardrobe and get a new look. Wear them with anything but black, such as pastel colors, shades of turquoise and even burgundies. You can even wear dresses under the biker jacket, but be sure that they are knee-long beforehand. You can go for pump shoes if you are wearing a dress, sandals if your garments are more casual and even sneakers if you have chosen trendy garments.

Large Trousers

Let your legs breathe from the obsolete skinny jeans with these generously-proportioned trousers, which are an elegant alternative you can enjoy. Choose grey trousers and match them with a white shirt and brown belt, or go for white trousers and white shirt instead. Black trousers will work basically with anything, and all these outfits will look great with a pair of elegant high heels or pump shoes. Choose oversized accessories for these trousers, and a big tote or luxurious clutch to garnish it.

Squares and Plaids

Whether we talk about dresses, shirts, skirts or trousers, squares and plaids can make garments look extraordinary, with a subtle hint of elegance and femininity. You will definitely find many available garments that will look great with squares and plaids, and the only problem here is deciding on the right color match. Choose white and black if you feel elegant, or go for unconventional combinations, like turquoise and black, if you feel daring. Pump shoes will work best for dresses, while trousers will be flattered by simple sandals. As for the accessories, you can choose anything from oversized pendants to tiny earrings and rings with birthstones, but make sure that they can fit your entire outfit properly. Choose a small clutch, and eventually a big hat, to finish your outfit.

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