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What Exactly Are Stretch Marks?

Simple put stretch marks are either dark or light scars that are caused by the rapid stretching of your skin. When we are children getting stretch marks is something we have to worry about since our skin cells are constantly growing and our body is not used to the rapid stretching that our skin must endure. As we get older we find that our skin does not stretch as easily either and what happens is that over time if we have rapid expanding of our skin either we tend to get small tears on the outer epidermis which can be unsightly in appearance. They tend to resemble scars on our skin.


So What Are the Main Causes of Stretch Marks on Our Bodies?


Our skin is derived of many proteins in our bodies and of these there are two that play a key role in the development of our skin. The two proteins in question are called Elastin and Collagen.  Without these proteins your skin would not have the ability to stretch and have the elasticity it needs to go back into shape. What usually happens when stretch marks form is that your skin is stretching so quickly that your body can not produce enough of these proteins which is leads to the marks on your skin. Another thing to remember is that the older that you get the less your body will make these proteins.


Lack of these proteins are a contributing factor to getting stretch marks but they are not the only reason. Recently doctors have found that a hormone called cortisol can cause stretch marks and also age your body faster. This hormone is caused by stress and let’s face it there are not too many people without it in their lives. This hormone can actually weaken your skin and cause it to bind. If you don’t deal with your stress levels you will find that you are aging faster internally and externally as well. This is bad for your appearance and your health.


Can Anyone Get Stretch Marks?


Many people wonder just who is affected by stretch marks. The answer is everyone. Some people don’t get them as bad as others and that has to do with many factors. There are certain characteristics in the makeup of our bodies that will make us more prone to getting stretch marks. The first as mentioned in the beginning of this article is being younger since our bodies are growing at a rapid pace. The second, of course is being a woman, go figure. This is because as a woman our bodies tend to have more fat than a man which forces our skin to stretch more. Another thing is that even when women don’t have fast weight gain and are not pregnant we tend to be more predisposed to getting them. Doctors don’t have an exact reasoning for this only that our hormones tend to be different than that of men. A more common reason for stretch marks is weight gain from overeating or being pregnant. In both scenarios our skin is being stretched to max which causes our skin to become stretched and lose its elasticity. Some medications that are used to treat pain contain cortisone and this can lead to an increased rate of the development of stretch marks. The probability of someone getting them also can be traced to our family heritage. If your parents or siblings have stretch marks you are genetically inclined to have them as well. Once of the more worrisome reasons of the development of stretch marks on our skin is adrenal disorder. To be clear most women who tend to get them do not have anything wrong with them but people who diseases such as Cushing’s are much more likely to develop the marks. Of all the causes the most common is that of aging because our skin loses its elasticity over time.


People can develop stretch marks anywhere on their bodies but the most likely places are those with higher concentrations of fat like the stomach, buttocks, thighs and hips.


So Exactly How Do You Get Rid Of Stretch Marks?


Luckily, there are quite a few things that can help you get rid of, or at least lessen the appearance of stretch marks. There are many lotions and creams that now contain collagen that can help with your appearance. Creams that include retinol-a are normally used to fight off bouts of acne but they can help your body produce collagen as well. If you are bolder you can get laser treatments and even plastic surgery to get rid of your stretch marks. Of all of the ways to get rid of stretch marks my favorite is good ole Shea Butter. This helps to moisturize your skin and helps you to produce the collagen that your body needs.


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