Does your shapewear make you look less than shapely?  At some point, we have all need something “sucked in”, “nipped”, “flattened”, “pinched”, or “tucked” so that we can feel halfway beautiful in our new clothes. Shapewear is designed to do all that but usually wearing it comes with a price. It’s very rare to find a piece that doesn’t bind or restrict movement. I don’t know about you but I have been practicing the art of holding my breath but I haven’t quite perfected it yet.  🙂

All of us here at Beauty Blog have tried one brand or another of various waist cinchers, body suits, shaping panties or camisoles. Recently I was asked to try a piece of my choice from a company called Classic Shapewear.  I just thought that I would give you an honest review of the product I chose so here it is:

1. First, I was asked to pick the piece of my choice.  I am pretty much a size 6 -8 with a bra size of 36C, so average. Since I have worn many brands of shapewear before, I know that generally shapewear tends to run on the small side. I was told by the sales rep that she didn’t think their brand runs small.   I also asked for something with tummy control. For tummy control they have 3 different types of products:

  • Waist Cincher (a belt-like garment)
  • Hi-Waist Panty
  • Camisole/Tank Top

I chose the Camisole/Tank Top  in a size Medium. Black was my color of choice.

2. The first thing I noticed as soon as I opened the package, which really surprised me, was the high quality.  I could tell immediately that it was a very high end product. I then checked out the price tag attached… $48.00. A little more than some products I have tried but not so terribly expensive that I wouldn’t buy it based solely on price.

3. The Wonderful Edge camisole has a shelf bra inside.  It is designed to smooth your back so that you don’t have those “back rolls” we all love. This one has moderate control so it flattens the tummy too. I will say that it does all of this very well.

4. Either I have gained 10 lbs. since I received mine (I did have quite a lot of sweets this Christmas) or I really did need a larger size. I should have gotten the Large.  I can wear the Medium but it’s a tad uncomfortable.

5. The other thing I noticed, which I really like, is that it has a large band around the bottom that has rubber on the inside to keep it from riding up.  Love it!

6. I had my husband take some pictures but he’s definitely not a photographer so excuse the pics.  Kinda’ embarrassed to post them here but, hey, we all look the same, right?






Their website,, has tons of products to choose from. They have bras (sizes 28-56 AA-N… wow), sleepwear, bathing suits and of course, sexy lingerie.  Here’s a surprise…They even sell shapewear for men.  You gotta take a peek at some of those products!

All in all, I am extremely surprised and happy with my camisole.  Check out their site

Go ahead and place a comment on our site if you have used their products or just want to say something about Classic Shapewear.  We would love to know what you think!




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6 years ago

The pics aren’t embarrassing at all! Thanks for sharing =) looks good~ my problem is none of them ever ever for me. Im extremely skinny, but that i doesn’t mean I don’t have mommy tummy from two kids 😉 I just can’t find an undergarment such as this small enough to actually hold my tummy in and up :/