Save Your Eyebrows

Saving Messed-up Eyebrows – Easy and Safe Methods to Fix Overtweezed, Overplucked or Incorrectly-shaped Eyebrows

Overplucking eyebrows is a common issue among all women who aim to reshape them in order to improve their look. Sometimes, very thick eyebrows need to be plucked and shaped properly in order to obtain the results you are actually expecting. Just because your eyebrows are thick and unaesthetic does not mean that you have to overpluck them – apart from being significantly difficult to fix them, this will take you effort, time and, on top of that, important financial resources. Here are the most efficient ways to reshape your eyebrows and fix other eventual problems you have accidentally created.

Use an eyebrow pencil to fill and redefine your eyebrows

Using an eyebrow pencil can help you fill your overplucked eyebrows or reshape them in case you did not shape them properly from the beginning. Choosing a shade that is similar or very close to your eyebrow color is essential for fixing your problems, as this will offer them a natural and not painted look. If making a decision seems overwhelming, opt for a neutral shade that will certainly fit your eyebrows’ color adequately.
First, you have to contour your eyebrows using the respective pencil – redefine them by drawing a fine line around them, then fill them in using the same pencil in order to fix overplucking them. Make sure to perform the last process by filling in your brows using a short stroke up as your brows would naturally grow. This option is adequate for both overplucking and shaping your eyebrows incorrectly – simply contouring and filling in your brows will allow you to fix these problems.

Encourage Hair Growth

If you overplucked your eyebrows, encouraging hair growth will allow you to make sure that your brows will grow beautifully and thick again. You should be conditioning them using either Vaseline or any other product you have handy, as this will strengthen your hair shaft and will make it thicker and brighter as well. Another option you have is buying hair growth treatments from authorized distributors – bear in mind that your local pharmacy might not be the perfect place for purchasing the most efficient hair growth treatment, so you should focus solely on those products that are produced by professional companies. Even though you might be paying significantly more, the results will show up in four to six weeks since the first application.

Get Professional Help

When none of the above-mentioned solutions works, the safest option is getting professional help and scheduling a beautification session at a local beauty center in your area. You should look specifically for experienced and knowledgeable individuals who can handle your problem well and fix it. Whether you overplucked your eyebrows or you shaped them incorrectly, this professional help will provide you with the best and most efficient solution per your expectations.
However, you should expect to pay significant amounts of money for this costly intervention, so make sure you have the necessary financial resources for this. The beautification session will probably involve the same methods we mentioned above, and the only difference is that this process will be performed by an individual with years of experience in this field.

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