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Recently I had a chance to try some of the new Saji Hair Care Shampoos and Conditioners. This is a new line of totally Vegan hair care products designed by my hairdresser, Kevin Sanders of Salon International of Charleston, SC.  The last time I had my hair done, he used the Ingenue Shampoo & the Nectar Conditioner on me.  I really liked them but I wanted to see if they really work any better than what I had been using if I use them both on a regular basis.  Kevin gave me a few samples to try and so here is my honest review.

Here we go. We’ve all got these kinds of pics in our phones…the infamous car pics.  Are we bored in the car or what? Just sayin”.  Not our best look but you can definitely see my roots here. (Makeup looks great though, doesn’t it?)

My hair has been highlighted for, well let’s just say, a VERY long time and is now blond.  I am a natural brunette so when  it grows out the color tends to fade and the dreaded “roots” appear.  I know that’s the trend right now and some people like it but it makes my face look very tired when the roots are dark. To keep that bright blond color I had been using the John Frieda Sheer Blonde Highlight Activating Enhancing Shampoo & Conditioner set which works very well for me but I wanted to give Saji a try. 

I tried the Ingenue Shampoo & the Nectar Conditioner. The first thing is I like the fact that’s all the products are Vegan. Until recently I hadn’t really cared one way or the other but lately I’ve really been looking at my products more to see if they are Vegan or Cruelty free. Sagi is.  Check 1.

Next, it doesn’t say on the packaging that it’s for color treated hair but Kevin says it is.  Check 2.

The Ingenue Shampoo lathers up really well. (Just what you wanted to see a picture of shampoo lather..ha ha).  Check 3 for me.

I rinsed, then tried the Nectar conditioner. Love the smell!

Here’s me after washing, before blow drying. Sorry for the no makeup look but we all look like this after a good hair washin”.

Blow dry and Voila!  Love it!  Need a little hair spray to keep the strays down but otherwise good job mama!


OK, Kevin.  You got a winner. My personal opinion is that this is a great line of products.  Just because, I thought I would  throw in the link to the site here so here it is.


Cheers everyone!



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