Does your hair like like this first thing in the morning? If you are like most of us when that alarm goes off at 6am we try to stay under the covers as long as we can, then it’s a mad rush to get dressed, throw on some makeup, and, oh yeah, forget the rat’s nest!

Check out these quick 5 minute ideas that will make people think you spent hours “doin’ your hair”.

When Your Late And You Don’t Know What To Do With Your Hair .. by Valérie Bélanger on Trusper.

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Julia Dominguez
Julia Dominguez
6 years ago

I am not one to spend lots of money on cosmetics, but I would love to try a few good products that are worth it by trying them out first. I don’t believe in those “Miraculous” long lasting lip sticks or glosses because they come off with the first sip of coffee, and flaking mascaras or rub off eyeliners that have to constantly be re-applied. Are there truly any cosmetics that stand by their name? Therefore I would be a good candidate to receive a beauty box…If it works, I WILL BUY IT!