Liquid Matte Lipsticks have been trending for quite a while now and it seems like the Matte trend is here to stay for a while. Finding the perfect Matte finish can be a long process with so many formulas available from different brands, so I thought of doing a comparison of “Who is the mattest of them all” read on to see comparisons between the above four brands and my final verdict on which is my favorite!

1. Revlon

The REVLON Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor claims to be a moisturizing light weight texture with a velvety mattte finish.

Shades: 16
Price: 12.30€

My Experience with Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor:

Packaging: I find the packaging pretty sweet with a transparent matte finish through which you can see the shade of the lipstick.

Love the narrow shaped neck allows the excess product to be removed from the applicator so it helps controlled application without excess product. The applicator is a basic mousse applicator with flattened sides, efficient and precise.

Pigmentation: The color stays true to that seen through the pack, it is packed with pigment.

Is it really Matte?: NO!  It smelled so delicious that I couldnt wait to put it on, my biggest dissapointment was when I applied this lipstick it doesn’t dry and the end result is not matte. infact it has a slight sheen. the texture stays sticky as it doesnt dry.

Would I buy more of these?: NO

2. Bourjois

Bourjois claims it’s new Rouge Edition Velvet to be a revolution in matte lipstick wear, with a light weight formula that instantly smoothes lips and gives it a velvety feel, and promises a velvety matte finish.

Shades: 20
Price: 14.50€

My Experience with Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet:

Packaging: A cute transparent pack with the cover in the shade of the lipstick.

The applicator is short a angled which gives extra precision I love it!

Pigmentation: Very pigmented.

Is it really Matte?: YES!  It goes on very smooth when you apply it, the texture is very soft and creamy, I was very pleasantly surprised because it felt actually velvety! On drying it sets to a beautiful matte velvet finish and does’nt feel dry. It is a long wear lipstick, and you can just add a layer on top if You want to retouch as the texture is si crealy it does’nt crack on layering like ususal liquid mattes.

Would I buy more of these?: YES! Absolutely love the feel and I have my eye on their grey shade ?


Maybelline claims that it’s new Vivid Matte Liquid give an intense color with a matte finish.

Shades: 20

Price: 11.99€

My Experience with Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid:

Packaging: Nice transparent pack, which shows the color of the lipstick.

The mousse part of the applicator is longer than the usual liquid lipsticks, so you can use it flat and it results in a generous application of the produt. The pack is designed to remove excess when the applicator is pulled out so you have the right amount.

Pigmentation: not so pigmented on application, you need to build the intensity by layering product.

Is it really Matte?: NO! It goes on comfortable as it is a really crealy texture, but it doesnt dry. The result is a high shine lip color almost like a vinyl finish.

Would I buy more of these?: NO


Sephora claims that it’s new Rouge Velouté Cream Lip Stain  is a longwear lipstick with an intense color and matte finish.

Shades: 21

Price: 10.95€

My Experience with Sephora Rouge Velouté Cream Lip Stain:

Packaging: Simple transparent pack that shows the lipstain color.

The mousse applicator is angled at the end for extra precision.

Pigmentation: Packed with pigment, super intense!

Is it really Matte?: YES!  This product has a very pleasant texture, which dries to a beautiful matte. The color is super intense so it really gives the opaque bold matte finish that I love. It’s stays on really long, but if you need to touch up I recommend you take it off completely and reapply.

Would I buy more of these?: YES!!! I am goin to buy all the shades ?

There you go guys, I hope this was helpful!

There you go guys, I hope this was helpful! Please share with me your views if you have tried any of these lipsticks, and yes to check out some of the beautiful summer looks I created using these lipsticks visit my blog: Chai and Lipstick .


Special Thanks to our guest blogger, Mellissa Fernandes. 

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