Over recent years, the beauty industry has undergone dramatic evolution. Women are turning to breast enhancement pills, plastic surgery, and other extreme means. The easiest means of self-alteration is, as always, the use of makeup.

Pop stars’ appearance and employment are often synonymous. So, of course, it’s in their best interest to be well-versed in makeup techniques. From hair to eyeliner to complexion, they know all the greatest shortcuts.

In this article, we will explore the various beauty secrets of pop stars from around the world. Not only are these pop stars talented, but their over-the-top looks are unforgettable.

International Pop Star Beauty Secrets

Ariana Grande

If you’re like Ariana Grande, getting your hair in your face is an annoyance to avoid at all costs. Ariana wore her hair back in a sleek, high ponytail at the advent of her performance career. This garnered public criticism that she always wore the same ‘do.

Dalina Rebollo, her hair stylist, spiced up Ariana’s look by using hair pins to add volume to the simple style. Now you see Ariana sporting a half-up, half-down ponytail. You’ll also notice variations of curls or straight locks. These small changes make a huge difference!

Iggy Azalea

Iggy’s eyeliner is her trademark look and her makeup artist has mastered the art. Priscilla Ono uses a fast drying, felt-tip pen liner to give Iggy her car, cat-like wings.

If you want to mimic this style, it’s quite simple. With your eyes open, draw the tail of the wing first, then fill in the rest of your lash line.

FKA Twigs

Her character creamy complexion can be difficult to emulate without looking pasty. Naoko Scintu, her makeup artist, starts by highlighting FKA Twigs’ most prominent features. By drawing out the areas that catch the light more often, it gives her makeup a more natural look.

Rita Ora

Rita maintains her healthy and glowing hair by using a DIY mask. This mask is a great remedy to fight against hair damage due to bleaching. When hairstylist Chris Appleton runs short of time, he blow dries it without rinsing the mask.

K-Pop Star Beauty Secrets

The hallmarks of Korean pop stars are their microscopic pores and glowing complexions. It may look effortless, but they spend a lot of effort on cultivating their dewy skin.

Like other pop stars, they make use of beauty tricks and undergo tedious skin care routines. If you’re interested in uncovering skin like theirs, the first thing to remember is never to rub. Always pat products into your skin, be it moisturizer, serum, or cream. You can do this either with your hand or with a sponge.

When blending, take care to use gentle pressure. Vigorous rubbing can irritate your skin.

CC Cream & BB Cream

CC cream and BB cream are the bases of choice for Korean pop stars. They aren’t as interested in heavy contouring like their Western counterparts. They prefer to create dimension without using bronzers, highlighters, or concealers.

Seem impossible? Here’s how to do it: Use a light BB cream (or foundation, depending on preference.) Then, apply a lighter CC cream to your cheeks and T-zone. That’s all! This technique is effective in creating a natural, glowing look. Without tons of product.

Heated Eyelash Curlers

Using heat to curl lashes is another pop star beauty secret. When you use heat to curl your lashes, the curl lasts the entire day. For busy pop stars, this is a huge time saver!

This technique may pose safety risks, especially if you are employing the use of fire. To avoid unnecessary risk, use your blow-dryer to heat your curler. Make sure that you check the hotness of your curler by testing is against your hand.

Metal can grow hotter than you think in a short amount of time. For safety’s sake, it is important to check it before placing it around your eyes. Remember your goal is only to warm the curler, not to make it hot.

Dual Lip Color

Another beauty tip is to consider using two lip colors at once. K-pop stars usually use a nude-color lipstick as a base, and then apply a berry tint to the center lips. It is a technique that creates a “just ate a popsicle” lip.

Trace-And-Shade Brows

Another idea is to try the trace-and-shade brow technique. In recent years, eyebrows have fast become a target of beauty standards. Makeup routines are often extended in pursuit of the perfect brow.

To create a beautiful eyebrow in half the time, use a thin brow pencil to trace your brow angle. When you’ve done this, fill in the brow by light sketching. Use thin pencil strokes and don’t try to rush through it. Top it all off with tinted brow gel and you’re done!

Highlight Your Collarbone

Another easy way to get the pop star look is to emphasize your collarbone using a highlighter. Where makeup was once considered a facial enhancement alone, its uses now advance. Body makeup is becoming a popular notion.

Bear in mind that you don’t have to spend much time and effort to mimic this trend. You only need a gold highlighter to achieve a glamorous collarbone. However, if you highlight your collarbone, it is best to pair it with an off-shoulder blouse or dress.

After all, it makes little sense to make the effort only to cover it up.


The beauty routines and regimens we covered in this article are only a few ways to emulate your idols. There are countless more tips and techniques you could try that aren’t listed here.

At the end of it all, makeup is not a substitute for self-confidence. Outer beauty is not a reflection of your worth. Believing in yourself and holding your head up high are two of the best beauty secrets we can impart.

When you feel beautiful, it gives you a glow that nothing in a tube or jar can ever replicate. Though our appearance is only a small part of who we are, there’s no shame in taking pride in it. It’s also one of the chief ways we express ourselves to the world.

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