Bags Under eyes

Natural Bag Removal Beauty Tips

The dark circles under the eyes or commonly known as bags are very nagging and tend to make that beauty fade away. This calls for ways to remove these bags.  Bags under the eyes are normally caused by several factors such as aging, lack of enough sleep, pregnancy, lack of workouts among other factors. There are ultimate solutions to this beauty foe. However, natural causes are like aging have few remedies otherwise other causes can be diminished using various ways. If you want to remove those dark circles, kindly read on.


The black and green tea helps to normalize puffy eyes. The caffeine in the tea is the all thing behind the curing effect of these beverages. Caffeine leads to constriction of the blood vessels consequently reducing swelling under the eyes. Just drop two bags of any of the beverage into hot water for some minutes. Then, keep it out and let it cool to a temperature applicable to the skin then apply it over the eyes. Besides reducing the redness, it will also minimize the inflammation.


Take out the cucumber from your refrigerator and apply it over your eyes. The coolness is perfect for it to perform its soothing effect properly. After its application, the skin rejuvenates and becomes fresh thus relieving puffiness. The blood vessels constrict due to the astringent property of the cucumber. There are also other products which can be used the same way as the cucumber and include the egg whites and the potatoes.

Cold Water

The aforementioned two ways may be time consuming. During rush hours like in the morning, you can use cold water. Splash the cold water upon your face. To some extent, the cold water treats your baggy eyes. The cold water diminishes the swelling and quickly constricts the blood vessels.

Mixture of Salt and Warm Water

Just from the spice rack, get some salt. Rising up with deflated eyes is perhaps your dream. To achieve this, mix some few tablespoonfuls of salt with warm water in a glass and with the aid of cotton pads, put the solution over the eyelids. This is a proven remedy and works incredibly fast.

Amazing! Use Spoons

This sounds crazy but it works very well as the other previous methods mentioned. You can remove the bags under your eyes by using two cold curved teaspoons. You just need to put the two spoons in the fridge and let them cool for some time. When cold enough take them out them and apply them to the eyelids as usual. The cold temperatures in the spoons leave your eyes calm and pampered.

You can get rid of puffy eyes through all the above methods. Amazingly, you can do all of them on your own right at your kitchen. Baggy eyes are caused by improper skin care, which causes the skin under your eyes to swell. The secret behind maintaining deflated eyes is trying to pay more attention to your skin care methods.

There are other ways of removing and or avoiding bags under your eyes. Take note of the following:


  • · Have enough sleep
  • · Use a sunscreen to avoid UV rays
  • · Apply daily a moisturizer around your eyes
  • · Take galore of water daily
  • · Minimize your daily salt intake
  • · Maintain a healthy diet and
  • · Avoid smoking


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