Wow!  We found the most awesome Christmas Gift!

Do you love mixing your makeup colors to create a color that’s just “You”? There are so many colors and brands out there that the possibilities are endless. We found a great holiday gift that you can give anyone and what’s really cool is that you can personalized each one so that you can create a “special” color for each of your friends. Create countless colorful, intoxicating shades.  It’s so addictive you and your friends will want more!

Here’s how it works:

Buy the Bare Minerals color collection which comes with 6 stunning eye shadow colors… there are several collections to pick from.  Colors like Hocus Pocus Eye color (copper coin), Incantation Eye color (deep blue violet), Charmed, I’m Sure Eye color (carnation bloom), and so many more.

The kit also includes:

* 3 Empty Mixing Pots

* A scooper

* 12 blank labels for naming  your amazing new colors

Inside the box it has lots of color ideas for you to try or just create your own. Purple your favorite color? Create stunning purple shades that will make all your friends envious.  Like Blues?  Make those baby blues sing. Create away!


Get together with all of your “girls” and have a “Create A Color” makeup party! We love these kind of get-togethers because it allows to to take off the makeup and just be ourselves. Gather around the table, have a drink and just mix until you can’t come up with any more color ideas. So  much fun you will want to do this again. Make sure to take lots of pics to share with those that didn’t make it to your party.  Oh well, they will be coming next time, won’t they?











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6 years ago

This would be great for my Nothers Xmas present. Love it xxxx