MememBoxes are the hottest new rage in Beauty Boxes!

$25/per box

No Monthly subscription

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MemeBox is a box that features beauty products from Korea. To have details and descriptions of the items included, you can visit the website. The truth is that MemeBox does not offer an automatic renewed monthly subscription, but instead a one-time purchase bag at a cost of around $25. This is a bag you will definitely love if you enjoy variety in products.

You can order a MemeBox whenever you want and as many as you want. Since there is no monthly subscription, you are given certain flexibility and no tied strings. There are several promotions if you buy more than one box.

Boxes are curated by Korean experts that guarantee the widest selection of Korean products. The website features all the boxes available and what each one contains. The prices vary depending on what box you purchase. The products are all full size and every box usually includes 4 to 7 items and deluxe samples.

This box is designed for the woman that wants to experience exciting adventures in cosmetics and beauty products. The finest selections of Korean products can be found to select. This is great flexibility as you will be receiving what you need.

MemeBox has an international store that ships globally with a little tax added. There is also a USA store that has free shipping for orders over $30.

MemeBox is definitively wonderful boxes with a nice variety of Korean products. The site offers a full refund on your first order in exchange for you writing a review of the box you receive. This is called “Write a Review and Get Your Money Back” promotion. This review must be in the form of a YouTube video or blog post. It seems like some hard work, but pretty worth it for a refund of $25-$30.


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