Makeup Brushes

Types and Uses of Make up Brushes

Did you know that there are special make up brushes for your eyes, cheeks and even the eye brows? This can be confusing especially when you walk in to a beauty store that has a wide variety of these with little to no explanations.

Whoever said that make up is an art was very right. Each has its specific use and mixing them all up means that you will not achieve the best or anticipated result. A powder brush is standard but eye make up brushes are tricky because there are so many of them used for different effects and purposes.

Every stroke and color choice determines the result to be achieved.

1. Powder brush- This is a large brush that is used to apply powder all across your face to get rid of a shiny finish.

2. Eye Liner brush- This brush comes in a variety of thickness that allows you to apply eye liner to the thickness of your choice.

3. Eye shadow brush- This is a soft brush that is used to perfectly apply eye shadow on the eye lids. This may also come in form of a sponge which works well too.

4. Mascara brush- This is used to apply mascara on the eye lashes in order to give them a perfectly straight and thick finish. This brush is twirled to form a long brush. The bristles are hard and scattered especially for this purpose.

5. Angled brush- This is specifically used to fill up gaps in between the eye brows to make them full and even. The bristles are angled to form a tip on one end.

6. Contour brush- This is used to contour your face in order to give it an angled shape.

7. Blush brush- This is used to apply blush on your cheeks for a lady like appeal.

8. Lash Groomer- This is used for the eye lashes to line and give them a flawless finish.

9. Foundation brush- This is used to evenly apply liquid foundation on bare skin before applying powder.

10. Concealer brush- Its corners are rounded with a flat surface which makes it perfect for applying concealer.

11. Blending Brush- The sides of this brush are also slightly rounded and used to blend eye shadow on the crease of your eye lids.

12. Lip Filler- This is used to fill in gaps of lipstick on your lips.

13. Fan brush- This is a wide and fluffy brush that is used to apply blush on the cheeks.

It is important to replace your make up brushes every now and then to prevent eye infection and skin irritation. When there is too much bacteria accumulation, you stand a risk of getting an eyes infected and having your skin get irritated. Wash them after a few days of use to get rid of the eye and dead skin build up.

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