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I bet you didn’t know that almost all of the makeup ads you see are chock full of photoshop and enhancement to make the models look better than they do in real life. In fact, the truth is between the fake eyelashes and touch ups it is almost impossible to tell the difference between what is real and what is pure fantasy. This cause many women to become self conscious and creates an environment of low self esteem. A new company has just released their new ads without all of the touch ups and it is for makeup for people with skin conditions and tattoos. You have to see these videos and make sure to share them with all of your friends so that they may see the truth as well.

So here the scoop. These ads contain celebrities that are about to reveal thee truth about themselves rather than take all of the modifications.


They call it Camo Confessions. This is spreading virally with good cause. If we stop the fake beauty then maybe you can try to reach achievable goals with your beauty. Remember the truth the next time that you see all of those ads with near perfect complexions.

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