Tony Little Cheeks

Have you ever heard of Cheeks by Tony Little? I just started to think about them when I jumped out of the shower and wanted to share my experience with you. I have owned these things for so many years and never blogged about them until now. These are quite amazing.

So what are they? Firstly, even though they have the name cheeks they have nothing at all to do with your buttocks. These are sandals, aka flip flops that you wear on your feet. I have a few pair actually. My oldest pair is about 5 years old and they are still in perfect shape. They are not only comfortable to wear but they work out your legs and your butt without you even knowing it. It has something to do with the design of the soles. I am so impressed with these and thought you might be too. They range in price for about $22.00-$34.00. Trust me, if you want to get your legs in shape by just walking around the house it is well worth the small investment. If you have any questions about them please ask in the comment section below.

Click Here To get A Pair For Yourself

To tell you the truth I have bough a few products from Tony Little over the years and they have always lasted and been top quality.

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