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Lasik Eye Surgery Beauty

It is possible to improve your looks by undergoing Lasik eye surgery. This is because it helps patients get rid of contact lenses and eye glasses bringing out your gorgeous eyes. It is a process that makes use of laser to correct vision impairment. This usually involves reshaping the cornea so as to correct the refractive error.

How it is done

Professionals start by using eye drops on the eyes in order to numb them. From here the cornea is held in place using a suction ring. A special device designed to cut thin and round hinged flap is used on the outer area of the cornea. It is important to note that the corneal flap is usually not detached but it is usually pulled back a little so as to make space for the surgeon to work on the tissues that lie beneath the flap. According to the condition of the patient, the professionals reshape the tissues of the cornea. From here the flap is placed back in its original condition and it is left to heal on its own. This is one of the procedures that have been repeated many times with great results.

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There are numerous benefits of the procedure especially when it comes to beauty and some of them include:

A person is able to get rid of glasses and/or contact lenses which mean that you are able to flaunt your eyes which really bring out the good looks of a person. This also implies that you can apply eye makeup that will help enhance them to look more amazing.


It really works. The procedure is very effective when it comes to correcting vision. After Lasik, about 96% of the patients will get the vision they desire. Research is still going on to enhance this so that the numbers can increase and probably hit the 100% mark.


The entire procedure is not painful thanks to the eye drops that are used for numbness.


It does not take a lot of time to enjoy the results as most of the time it is almost immediate or after a day.


There are no stitches or bandages required after the procedure.
If the vision happens to change as you grow older, there is no need to worry as adjustments can be made years after you have gone through the procedure to correct the vision further.

How to prepare for the surgery

Before you go in for the eye correction surgery, it is important to book an appointment with an eye surgeon or coordinator who will take you through the process. This is where you get to know what you are supposed to do and what needs to be expected. This is also the person who will take you through the pros and cons of the procedure so that you can end up making a wise decision that will work in your best interest. At this time, your medical history will be evaluated and the eyes will also be examined fully and some tests done to ensure that you are a suitable candidate. From here you can book an appointment for the surgery.

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