Keep Your Glow During the Holidays

How to Keep Your Glow during the Holidays

To say that our skin goes through quite an ordeal once we step into this magical time we call winter would be an understatement. The harsh weather really does a number on the skin, what with the temperature drops, the dryness and sometimes additional humidity (neither which are a picnic), so we have to take extra precautions and efforts to keep it in solid shape. Now, when you add the holiday season into the mix, that’s when the real party begins. As joyous as holidays are, they’re also a lot of stress. There are presents to buy, events to attend, attire and makeup choices to make, and then there’s the food. So much food – most of it, let’s face it, unhealthy. So you see the irony – the times when you want to look like your best self are precisely the times that make it most difficult to do so. Still, there is no room for despair – there is a way you can get that skin to glow again like no other, so let’s jump right in and due our holiday skin a solid.

Hot or cold?

We generally have this notion that the combination of a good face wash and hot water really make the skin sparkling clean. However, during wintertime, do your best to avoid hot water and opt for lukewarm instead. Hot water has a tendency to strip the skin of its natural oils, which in turn leaves you with a feeling of tightness due to subsequent dehydration. Protect your natural collagen and always think in terms of moderation.

Scrub me tender, exfoliate sweet

Scrub me tender, exfoliate sweet

Despite popular belief, exfoliation is more essential in the winter than summer. This is a time when the harsh weather contributes to dryness, hence more dead cells that are in dire need of removal. Only once you’ve gotten rid of all the dead cells can your serums, toners and moisturizer truly do their work and penetrate and nourish the skin properly. Use gentle exfoliators, and ditch the abrasive ones. One of the best picks is definitely the Goldfaden MD Skincare Doctors Scrub as it both exfoliates and provides hydrating emollients back to the skin.

Drinkable skincare

Drinkable Skin Care

Topical solutions, when chosen well, do a wonderful job at nourishing the skin, but the new trend of drinkable skincare is definitely onto something. It revolves around juices full of antioxidants (which we already know are amazing for our skin) as well as a rich intake of probiotics, as well as actual drinkable solutions such as collagen drinks by Skinade. Given the number of unhealthy calories that enter our bodies, we have to resort to as much drinkable health as possible, and therefore a regular intake of herbal skincare vitamins, is essential. The combination of topical solutions and what we bring into our body can definitely get that skin to truly glow.

Pull all the stops

If you’ve been mulling over the idea of introducing a great serum into your daily skincare routine, this is the time to take the plunge. There are amazing solutions from great renowned cosmeceutical skin care brands, so just take your pick – you won’t be in the wrong. Now, for those not in the know, the reason serums have become an indispensable part of every skincare enthusiast is that they contain a much larger concentration of active ingredients to the skin than a moisturizer, hence are way more powerful. The correct application is after cleansing and before the moisturizer, whose task is to ‘seal the deal’ and lock all the goodness down.


Pull all the Stops

The secret weapon

Aside from choosing an amazing moisturizer that is both suitable for the season, your skin type and any other concern you may have, there are not one, but two secret weapons that you simply need this winter. To ensure your skin gets the additional hydration it needs, stock up on all the sheet masks you can get. These moisturizing masks are a true innovation, and you can even put one on if you’re going away for the holidays, and give yourself a hydration boost on the plane. Bonus tip: dip your fingers into the packaging and take the leftover product from the bottom and rub it on the neck. People often forget about the neck, but it will give us all away some day. The second secret weapon is a great oil. They give the skin an instant glow and you can just feel the rich nourishing effect sinking into your skin. It’s your ultimate glow secret, trust us.


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