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Julep Maven is a Brand that specializes in beauty products and nail polish. The store offers, besides their products for sale, a nice subscription box with Maven products of your choice. It provides this offer at $24.99 a month, but you can get a value of up to $40. The fact that Julep Maven makes their own product adds value to this box since you know that what you are getting is a high-end product. There is no brand variety here, therefore you eliminate the hassle of having to deal with the brands you are not comfortable with.

Every box comes with 4-5 Julep Maven nail polish and makeup products plus a very nice makeup bag. This is a great option for building up a makeup collection at a cheap cost.

One great thing about Julep´s box is that it truly is highly flexible. There are several things you can do. Once you subscribe you can customize what you want your box to contain. You can choose between picking one curated box (if you like surprises), you can swap a product for another you would prefer, or you could change one or two colors, and you can choose what new product you would like to see in your box.

On your first subscription you get a free 3-piece gift. At the moment, when checking out, you must add the code HOORAY to get your free gift.

If you are not feeling for makeup or are making meets end this month, you can skip a month of subscription.   Once you get a collection, you can upgrade to the entire collection of nail polish and beauty products for an additional $30.

Everything in a Julep Maven bag is full-sized and guaranteed to deliver the best results. Within the website you can find a very short quiz that will help you determine which style better fits you. This will help you customize your box according to your personal taste and style.

The subscription plan renews every month or three months, depending on the plan you chose. If you decide to take the monthly plan, you will be given 50% off your welcome box by entering a code. If you go by the 3-month plan, you get a welcome box for free.

Julep Maven box is for that woman that really enjoys nail polish. If you are a seasoned subscriber, you probably have a large collection of nail polish by now. It is important to note that their products also include some makeup which might be included in the box. But keep in mind that you might end up with an unnecessarily large stash of nail polish. Probably this is the reason why they offer skipping months. At some point, the colors they send you are very similar and repeats.

Make sure you log in to the site every 20th of the month to customize your box to fit what you really want.

Julep Beauty Inc.

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