exercises for perky breasts

How to keep breasts perky

Women, as we age you get wiser but unfortunately our breasts tend to head South! It is possible to get your perky breasts back however without resorting to surgery or other evasive methods. By putting some of the following measures into places, you can get youthful breasts to be proud of.

How to get perky breasts


1. Exercises to give your boobs a lift

Probably the easiest and most effective way to get your breasts in more of the position that you want them to be is to exercise your pectoral muscles. An exercise that you could try in order to achieve this is push ups and modified push ups (position yourself on your knees to do the modified version). Using resistance bands are great for exercising the chest area, you simply fasten the bands to something stable behind you, hold the resistance bands one in each hand and pull them towards your chest. Pectoral fly’s are also a good move for perky breasts and you will need two dumbbells for this one. You lie on a bench or on the floor with your arms to the side of your chest, arms bent with one dumbbell in each hand. Press the dumbbells up so your arms are straight ahead of you, then bring down and repeat. Swimming is a great exercise for working those muscles in your chest particularly the breast stroke! If you are struggling to know what any of the previous exercises are, you can look online and you might even found exercise videos online that are specifically targeted for making breasts perkier. Doing some of these exercises for even a short amount of time every day will make a difference.

2. Consider losing weight

Breasts are basically just fat and sometimes people who are overweight tend to get large ones. If you fit this group, then trying to lose some weight could see your breasts reduce in size and make them perkier and of course, you will feel healthier overall too. This does not apply to everybody, sometimes the slimmest girls in the world can have a massive chest.

3. A good bra

There is a lot that can be said for a bra that fits you properly, it can make your chest look entirely different for the better. Get yourself measured by a professional and buy a bra that is of high quality and of the push up variety if you want even more of a lift. Obviously this method will not help you when you are not wearing a bra but it will make your breasts look super perky when you are clothed.

4. Proper posture

Your breasts are going to look saggier if you are slouching rather than having good posture and standing up straight. So put your shoulders back, keep your back straight and push out your chest to make the twins look more perky.


It’s unlikely that by using these methods you will get the breasts that 18 year old you once had but you will definitely see an improvement. By putting these into practice, your whole body will look good and you can get youthful looking breasts that look good in clothes and out of them.


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