Change Your Lifestyle to Look and Feel Young at the Age of 50

With all the commercials and advertisements all over the media, we can’t help but feel almost obligated to stay forever young. Every wrinkle is a problem, every grey hair is a sign of something bad. But, who says so?

After the age of fifty you’ll have more time for various activities. Your kids are probably all grown up, you’ve retired or are working less, and now it’s the summer of your content. These years are a great opportunity to look after yourself for a change, do the things you want to do, try something new and daring—this is the time to change your lifestyle.

This can be a small change or a radical one, but it’s important that you feel good about it. Read on if you need some ideas on what you can do to rejuvenate your body and mind at the age of fifty.

Invest in a new wardrobe

Don’t go head over heels now and spend all of your savings on new clothes. Instead, take a good look at your current wardrobe and think about the things you haven’t worn in quite a while, or the things that don’t make you feel comfortable anymore. Invest in several basic, quality pieces that suit your style and accentuate your best traits. This can mean a couple of quality, well-tailored jeans, several fashionable blouses and shirts, and a good blazer for more formal occasions. You can also consider investing in a pair of quality, comfortable shoes since life is too short to have bad shoes!


Change your makeup style

Most of the women develop their own way of doing makeup and stick to it for years or even decades. This is a common mistake, since your face and skin texture change over time. So, the smartest move would be to accentuate your eyes with a smokey eye makeup, and contrast it with nude or light colored lips. Feel free to use a bit of blush or a bronzer, and try making your eyebrows a bit darker. The most important thing to remember is to go easy and that, in this case, less is more.

Healthy is happy

This is the period where you should take special care of your health. Drink enough water, try eating healthy, organic food that boost mood and the immune system, and try doing some sort of exercise at least once or twice a week. This could be a good opportunity to take up a new sport where you can meet your peers and maybe even make new friendships.

Try new things

Life is mostly about experiences, and we acquire those experiences all the time, not only while we’re young. This means that you shouldn’t, under any circumstances, feel that your life is almost over when you reach 50. Now’s the right time to try things you never had the time to try earlier. As already mentioned, a nice idea is to take up a sport or another hobby where you’ll get the chance to mingle with the people of your age and similar interests.

A good idea might be moving to over 55 living communities, which are perfect for those young at heart. Besides the houses, there are numerous amenities and activities available that will make you feel rejuvenated. The best thing about these resorts is the fact that you’ll be surrounded by people of the same interests, whom you can befriend and spend time with.


As you can see, age is just a number, and we’re as old as we feel. Changing the habits and our everyday lives at the age of 50 can mean unexpected benefits and numerous new interesting opportunities.


Special thanks to our blogpost contributor,

Gabriella Diesendorf




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