How to Apply Makeup for a Natural Look With 5 Simple Effective Tips

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October 2, 2018
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October 15, 2018

How to Apply Makeup for a Natural Look With 5 Simple Effective Tips


A subtle makeup look defines your real beauty. A natural makeup look can make you look flawless. Many celebs are also opting for natural makeup look today. From Bella Hadid’s simple eye makeup to Amber Heard’s crystal liner look, you can take tips from many celebs. Applying natural makeup is not so difficult. You can follow the process with simple tips and steps. Natural makeup look can have a great impact on your personality.

Use makeup products that are hypoallergenic and organic. You can also use the Revitol anti aging cream for a wrinkle-free and smooth skin. Listed below are 5 simple tips to apply natural makeup, read on.

1. Apply a Moisturizer

Ashley Graham swears by the tinted moisturizer look. Always start your makeup by applying a moisturizer. A moisturizer helps to create a perfect base for your makeup. It not only hydrates your skin but also evens out the texture of your skin. Moisturizer provides a perfect palette for your makeup routine.

Always choose a moisturizer that suits your skin. A moisturizer with hydrating properties is best for your skin.

2. Apply a concealer and foundation

Kendall Jenner loves to wear natural foundation base. Concealing your marks and spots is important. Use a natural concealer to conceal your marks. A concealer helps to hide dark circles, blemishes and fine lines on your skin. You can also use Revitol anti aging cream for fine lines.

Next, apply a foundation base. Choose a powder or liquid foundation to even out your skin. An airy liquid foundation gives your face a natural look. You can also choose an organic foundation for the natural looking base. Powder foundation is good if you want to add that extra element in your makeup.

3. Apply blush

Rachel Godwin loves the pink colored blush for red carpet look. Blush is important for your natural makeup look. Most women do not apply blush for this look, but a subtle application of blush can make your skin look amazing. Cream blush works well for natural makeup. You can get an even tone with cream blush. A peach blush looks good on every skin type. Pink blush naturally undertones your cheekbones to give you a flawless looking skin. Blush colors also vary according to skin tone; choose the one that suits you.

4. Nude Lips

Christina Aguilera’s nude lip trend is a craze now. Choose nude lip colors for the natural makeup look. Don’t apply a lip pencil or dark shades as that will not go well with your choice of makeup. Colors like peach, pink or sand perfectly go with this makeup theme. Nude makeup look completes your look to make you look amazing.

You can also choose to apply a natural gloss. There are so many shades available in lip-gloss today. Choose a pink gloss or even nude gloss to create that natural effect. This will highlight your natural makeup look.

5. Eye Makeup

Emma Roberts loves simple eye makeup look. Apply a mascara to create a natural look. A thin mascara stroke would do the trick. Don’t apply liquid eyeliner for natural makeup. Liquid eyeliners look good in dramatic makeup. You can also choose a good Khol pencil to define your eyes. Also, don’t use any eyeshadow on your eyes. Let your eyes look naturally beautiful with gentle strokes.

The way you apply your makeup also plays an important role. Gentle strokes will make your skin look even and smooth. Look your best with the above simple tips.

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