Have you ever used those pore strips that are supposed to pull the dirt and crud out of your pores? They actually work pretty well but can be costly if you use them frequently. The idea is that you wet the pore strips that come in the box, place them on your nose or wherever you want to “pull” the dirt from, let dry and then when you pull the strip off you can actually see all the crud that is in your face.  Yuck!

I have large pores on my nose and so I need to use them 1-2 times a week. There are several different brands. I tried the  Biore ones first and really liked them. I have also tried the Sephora brand (called boscia) and those work pretty well too. I know that CVS has their own brand, Paula’s choice has their own brand, and on and on.  This can get quite costly if you use them as much as I do. I ran across this DIY way to make your own at home. I tried it and it works great…and it’s a lot less expensive.

Here’s what you need. Just 2 things:

1. Unflavored Gelatin like Knox

2. Milk

Check out this video on how to do it. It’s super simple.

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