Do you want to look great, even on the weekends? Most of us dress nice during the week when we go to work but when the weekend rolls around out come the t-shirt and sweats. Dressing nice always makes you feel better and it doesn’t have to be something you think about very hard. The key is to stick with the basics but just give your look that edge that takes it from boring to fabulous!

Let’s start at the top:

1) Hair – Don’t feel like washing it… again?  Try a nice ponytail pulled to the side.  If your hair is oily, dab some baby powder right down your part or next to your scalp where it looks a little limp.  The powder will absorb the oil and…. voila!  Looks like a fresh washed head of hair!

2)  Go ahead and put on that t-shirt. It’s probably a little stretched out of shape and maybe boxy from all the days of wear but it’s perfect for layering. Big breast?  A scoop or v-neck neck sweater looks great. Either style will accentuate your top and make you look sexy instead of “big-boobed”. V-necks look good if you have more of a boyish figure.

Want a sexier look?  Try a cute top instead of a sweater.  Ooh La La!

3) Throw on an over sized v-neck cardigan over that Tee. Make sure it’s not so baggy that it looks too big.  You want it to a bit chunky but not too much. Button ups look great over that tee too.

4) Got any cropped jeans? They will help make the look. Make sure they hang just above the ankles so that you can show ’em off. Try a lighter color if your top is dark or a darker color if the top is light.  The contrast tells people to take sit up and take notice.

5) Shoes –

Shoemint boots

Always look good in warm, stylish #Boots!

Like flats? Try ballet flats or boots like these from Shoemint. Nudes are totally in this  season. We love Shoemint because you can pick your style and get a new pair each month.

Shoemint flats

Remember, #Nudes are hot this season!


Shoemint heels

Can’t resist a Sexy #Strappy Heel!

Dress it up a bit more with heels for that night out on the town.    Only 1 rule with the shoes….NO SOCKS!  If it’s really cold and you need those socks wear them with a pair of these fashionable boots.

6) No big bag that takes over the look.  Go for a small over the shoulder cross body bag or one with a shoulder strap.

7) Tie a scarf around your neck for warmth and that great finishing touch.  Lastly, try a great hat. It pulls the whole look together.

See, you can look great on the weekends.  Take a pic and send to us at  We will share your pics here on the blog and our all of our social media sites.

Can’t wait to see your new weekend look!




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