OMG..Does she have a…mustache? We’ve all been there.  It’s always embarrassing when your husband or your kids tell you that you need to go shave your mustache. Please don ‘t do it! Shaving will just make it come back darker and thicker than before.

Think about when you saw your father shave and he came out of the bathroom with all those pieces of toilet paper all over his face. That could be you. Ugh!…

You could go to a salon and pay to have someone rip off your upper lip but that cost money and really, how sanitary is it anyways?

Here’s a “Did You Know“…

According to the cosmetology board, the Q-tip thing used to wax your lips or eyebrows must be thrown away and changed to a new one each tip it is dipped in the wax, especially between people.  The reason is that same wax is used for lips, eyebrows and whatever else. What if the person before you had some communicable disease. t would passed on to the next person.  But come one…how many of us are sitting upright to even see if this is happening while we are having our lips or eyebrows waxed?

Why don’t you try doing it yourself. There are plenty of products out there. Sally Hanson’s Eyebrow, Face & Lip Wax is a great alternative. Another good one is Nad‘s Hypoallergenic Facial Wax Strips.

Sally Hansen Eyebrow, Face & Lip Wax, Microwaveable,  wax 1.25 oz (35 g), Extrasoothe lotion 0.5 fl oz (14.7 ml)

How about a Home Made Remedy:

1 cup sugar
1/2 cup water
1 tbs lemon
Put everything in a pot and boil until golden. Remove right away so they wouldn’t burn. Pour in a plate and stir until it cools down. Place directly on your skin with no paper and it works like magic.

Hope one of these works.  Whatever you do, DON”T SHAVE YOUR ‘STACHE!!!!



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star noriega
star noriega
6 years ago

really bother me the air on my face I wax my self like 2 times a week so I try this product before works the strips for travel 🙂

6 years ago

I love makeups and sallyhansen nail polish are great deal