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$60/3-month plan  (You save $1/month)

$115/6-month plan (save an approximate $1.80/month)

$220/1-year plan (savings add up to $2.67/month)

If you can get a coupon, you could save $10 on a 3-month subscription


If you enjoy luxury beauty products that guarantee your satisfaction, you might want to give Glossybox a try. Their monthly box features five exclusive and deluxe beauty products on a monthly subscription.

 Glossy Box Beauty Fav

Glossybox is an interesting box that features an expert selection of high-end and emerging brands. Global experts make a fine selection of product tailored based on your interests. Their global reach covers an approximate selection of over 400 brands. The products included usually cover makeup, body care, and hair care.

The monthly box arrives at your doorstep in a beautiful reusable box. Every box includes a card with detailed descriptions plus tips and tricks on how to better take advantage of your products. The price for the monthly subscription is really worth-value as you get very exclusive beauty products tailored based on the information you provided when you subscribed. Some products come in full size which adds to the value of it. Some boxes may easily contain up to $70 dollars worth of beauty deluxe products.

The site allows you to update your information as your style evolves. This allows experts at Glossybox to better suit your box to your needs.

One interesting feature of Glossybox is the fancy box where the products come. Basically, you could say that they get a straight A in presentation as their boxes are definitely fabulous. To this, you must add greater value that you get in every box. It is definitely a nice treat for the woman who knows what she wants and is willing to make the best investment to look and feel great.

Glossybox is designed for those women that are willing to pay an extra few bucks to get products that are guaranteed to be high-end. The fact that many of the products come in full size adds to the benefits of this box.

The boxes sometimes might include extra free products and a duplicate free box. This is an excellent reward for your subscription!

There are some things that you should know about Glossybox and is important that you prepare yourself accordingly. One of them is that they have a customer service but it seems like it is sometimes hard to reach. You can contact them via phone call and you will usually get a nice attention, though. If you have a complaint about a leaked product or need a refund, they will usually take several days to complete your request.   Speaking of taking days, you should also know that delivery dates are never guaranteed and the products usually arrive many days after expected. So you should order and keep your expectation for delivery a bit low.

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