Harry's Shave Gel

Does your man go through razors like water? If you are like me ladies, it’s up to us to keep him stocked with razors and shaving cream. Make it easy on yourself and sign him up for one of Harry’s  shave plans.  You can get started for FREE. You just heave to pay $3 for shipping.

Harry’s is a subscription service just for men dedicated to providing their customers with a close and comfortable shave for less money! They offer high-quality razor handles and blades, as well as natural shaving gels. Before each shipment, you will get an email from them with enough time to modify or cancel your plan!

The great thing about Harry’s is they deliver his razors and shave gel straight to your door. That way you don’t have to worry about always keeping him stocked with razors and shaving cream.

When you purchase the trial, you get:

  • A weighted rubberized handle
  • A five-blade razor cartridge
  • 2 oz of foaming shave gel
  • a travel blade cover


You can choose the subscription type that you want him to have and he gets to choose how frequently to shave.

You can cancel the subscription at any time.



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