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Every now and then I come across a product that I really RAVE about and so I want to share my newest find with you. I am telling everyone so now it’s your turn. 🙂

Sometimes I apply my foundation and it looks really bad.  Either I can see the brush marks from my brush (which should have been cleaned a LONG time ago)  or you can see the marks where it’s obvious that my fingers applied it in stripes. 🙁

I recently found this pulsating makeup applicator by Color Me that makes putting on foundation a breeze. I just LOVE this product.  It’s a little different than other makeup applicators I’ve tried. It has an automatic sponge on it that supposedly runs at a rate of 15,000 pulses per minute, which gives you that flawless, airbrushed finish. Here’s how it works:

color me 1

  • For natural coverage: Use the fluffy sponge and apply loose or pressed powder to moisturized skin. Pro makeup artists love this method!
  • For medium coverage: Use the firm sponge with creamy foundation or BB/CC cream and “season” the sponge i.e. cover it with a full coat of foundation to cut absorption. Add another pump of foundation. Turn on device. Sweep across face. Build to desired coverage with another pump. Set with powder for a flawless finish!
  • For full coverage: Use the fluffy sponge and add a pump of creamy full coverage foundation. Turn on the pulsating makeup applicator and sweep across face. With another pump, build to desired coverage. Set with loose or pressed powder for a truly flawless finish!

You do have to replace the sponges every so often. They suggest every 30 days but if you keep them clean then they could last a little longer. I guarantee that if you try it you will absolutely LOVE it just like I do.


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Angela Carmicle
Angela Carmicle
6 years ago

Would so love V to get this

6 years ago

I would soooo love to get this for my blog!!