Ok, I admit it.

My wedding dress is hanging in a suit-cover deep inside my closet, and I doubt that it’s cleaned since my wedding has been eight years. I’m a little nervous to even take it out as I remember that I haven’t opened it since my wedding day and I also remember that I stepped into a puddle of someone’s wine near the end an epic night.

At times I think that I should take it out of the closet clean it and then preserve it, but then I wonder – what the hell will I do with it? Since I’m expecting a second child, I’m not hoping to wear it again neither I can hope my daughter to wear it, I don’t want her to fell pressurize that she has to wear her mom’s old dress.

Honestly, I’m not ready to give up on it and I hope that one day maybe my daughter considers wearing my wedding dress. Well, she will ultimately get married and one day will be doing the whole bridal thing – standing in front of the mirror, gently circling around. And maybe I’m saying all this because I’m expecting, but I really want to see my wedding dress used for a good cause. So finally I came to a decision that I should consider donating my wedding dress.

The Angel Gown Program

Recently I came across an amazing program and all during the weekend I only thought about that program. I literally cursed myself for not knowing about it before; The Angel Gown program turns donate wedding gowns into adorable burial gowns for babies who pass way in the hospital. All of the gowns are handmade by a volunteer tailor and the program accepts wedding dresses from all over the country.

Adorn In Grace

I came across another program Adorned in Grace which also accepts used wedding gowns and re-sales it in their shops in Portland, Oregon. This shop was the creation of a sex trafficking survivor experience with a donate gown and now she donates all the profits in prevention of this vicious act and to raise awareness about it.

Brides Across America

Serving your country can be a real honor and it can also make wedding planning slightly tough. Brides Across America is such an awesome organization, it is recognized by Michelle Obama and Jill Biden the program has contributed more than 12,000 wedding dress to military brides. They only accept wedding dresses that are 5 years old just to keep things trendy and fresh for their brides.

Make a Wish

Wish Upon a Wedding is another non-profit organization that helps in providing wedding dresses for fatally ill brides or grooms, irrespective of their sexual orientation. They work in all fifty states and just check through their website and see some amazing real people stories and it will bring tears to your eyes.

Make a Dream Come True

This charity program is really close to my heart as it is in the same place where I live, my hometown Michigan. They accept all types of wedding dresses they not only accept bride dresses but also the dress like mother of the bride or flower girl dresses. You don’t have to get your dress cleaned before sending but if the dress is soiled they do ask for a small donation amount for cleaning. Their aim is to find a perfect dress for the brides who are needy.

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Shawna Robinson is a writer and graphic designer, she loves spending her time with her laptop and favorite minion coffee mug. Shawna works with a company and is also a fashion freak.

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