Epsom Salt Dr Oz

The Complete List of Epson Salt Benefits

Ever since Epsom salt was first introduced on the Dr. Oz Show, it has managed to raise a lot of eyebrows. As people across the nation started to ask, how did soaking in an Epsom salt bath reduce more than an inch?  Yes if you did not hear yet you can actually lost an inch off your body in 10 minutes, although not permanently, and feel amazing at the same time. The multiple benefits of bath salts have been well known in different cultures across the world for generations, but how exactly did the Epsom Salt Bath result in weight loss? If you, like many others have been asking yourself, “if it was all a just a hoax or a marketing gimmick? Then you might have to think again, because Epsom salt is amongst the few natural salts found only in Surrey, England and the main Benefits of Epsom Salt include:



Anti Inflammatory Effects:



Starting the list of benefits with the thing that started it all, Epsom salts are not infact salts. Rather, it is a combination of sulfate and magnesium salts which give the Epsom salt its anti-inflammatory effect. Since the time of World War I, magnesium mixed in lukewarm water has been one of the staple treatments for inflammation caused due to sudden injury and the Epsom salt works in a very similar way. As the Epsom salt is rich in magnesium salts, when used as a bath salt it gets absorbed through the skin and removes abnormal fluids and fat cells which causes the body to look heavier.




Relaxes Muscles and Cramps:



One of the major reasons behind the popularity of Epsom salt baths, is mainly due to its ability to relax muscles, cramps and give some much needed relief of pain. This is another crucial place where the combination of magnesium and sulfate plays an important role. As the combination of magnesium and sulfate salt enters the body and removes the excess fluid and fat cells obstructing muscle movement and gets absorbed by the muscles, to provide some much needed relief.




Detoxification Of the Body



It is well known that during any detoxification process, the muscles of the body are the last to detox. Simply because the change in lifestyle, medication and eating habit are focused more on detoxing the organs. The Epson salt bath allows the salts to directly get injected into the body and the balanced combination of salts helps the muscles, tendons and ligaments remove the unwanted toxins without putting additional stress on the body.




Reduced Health Risks



Many people might wonder as to how a simple bath salt can help in reducing health risks, but in reality Epsom salt plays a key role in improving health. When the Epsom salt enters the body with the help of a warm water bath and gets absorbed into the muscles and tissues, it removes the unwanted pressure created in the body due to stressed muscles. As the muscles, tendons and ligaments are able to relax with Epsom salt baths, blood can flow freely through the body. Which reduces the excess stress on the heart, nerves and arteries and reduces unwanted health risks like heart attack, hardening of arteries, organ failure and poor metabolism due to poor blood flow.

Despite the fact that Epsom salt can also be used as a scrub to remove blackheads or to help bring deeply planted splinters to the surface by pushing out the liquid surrounding the affected area to dry out, the major benefit of Epsom salt as a detoxifying agent and an aid for weight loss still holds the highest value.

See The Amazing Doctor Oz Video that inspired us to write this article here


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