Getting ready for any special night out can be a challenge without advice to guide you. You may just wish to know how dry shampoo works, and stick your hair up out of the way, and avoid make-up altogether. This need not be the case though. Here we will show you some super simple tricks to be the Belle of the ball at every Christmas party this season.

Three simple DIY hairstyles

You don’t need an expensive trip to the hairdressers to look fabulous at every Christmas party this season. Here are three top DIY hairstyles you can put together at home.

  1. An easy hairstyle would be a low ponytail, but why not elevate it with a bit of a twist – literally!
    1. First, divide your hair into three sections.
    1. Next, take the middle section and twist it to the nape of your neck.
    1. Pin this section in place.
    1. Repeat the above steps with the left section.
    1. Finally, twist the right section.
    1. Wrap it over the other two sections and pin it into place.
    1. For added spice, curl the ends of the ponytail beneath the pinned twists.
  • No matter what length of hair you are working with, a half-up knot will work wonders for helping you look your best.
    • Take a piece of hair from each side of your head.
    • Tie them together in the centre at the back of your head in a double knot.
    • Pin the knot into place.
    • For an extra flourish, add a few wavy curls in the hair beneath the knot.
  • If you are confident with braids, this is an elegant style for you.
    • The first step is to create a Dutch braid, starting at your parting and going along the hairline to your ear.
    • Beneath this, create a second braid, meeting the nape of your neck.
    • Taking the first braid, gather your hair, including the loose hair from the other side of your parting, into a messy bun.
    • Once the bun is in place, wrap the second braid around and pin in place.

Beauty tips to look your best from nails to make-up

With these tips you can look your best on a budget.

  1. Go for glitter. Whether you can’t make it to the nail parlour and add sparkle to your nails with polish at home, or go extra with a glitter lip, nothing says Christmas like adding sparkle to your hands and make-up.
  2. Did you know it’s actually super simple to achieve the perfect cat flick with your eyeliner? Place a small amount of tape along the side of your eye at the angle you wish to achieve and use it as a guide for your eyeliner.
  3. Don’t forget always apply your eye make-up first! The last thing you want is to get the perfect finish to your foundation, then ruin it with powdered eye shadow! Once you have your eyes looking the way you want, apply the rest of your make-up.
  4. Do you know the party you’re attending is likely to have bright, hot lights or a warm environment? Stop your make-up melting away by using sunscreen as a primer and spraying a finishing spray over the top of your finished look.
  5. Looking good doesn’t stop with nails and make-up. Smell great too! Apply your perfume to these five key spots to make it last longer:
    1. Inside the wrist
    1. Base of the throat
    1. Inside the elbow
    1. Behind the knee
    1. Behind the ear

With these simple styles you can go from only wanting to know how dry shampoo works to being confident in putting looks together at home. Now you can look fabulous at every event this Christmas with ease.


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