Do you just LOVE getting your nails done by a professional? Well, who doesn’t. Honestly though it can be quite costly when you go to the salon to get them done on a regular basis. Add to that the extra fee if you want a design and you can easily spend $75-$100 a trip.

Love polish? If you are like me and you just LOVE designs on your nails, why don’t you try decorating your own nails? It’s easier than you think! You can buy your own polish, which you can use over and over, and then just go for it. You can’t screw it up. If you do, well you’ve got more polish so wipe if off and start all over. Your imagination is the limit.

Julep  has created the perfect polish for creating those perfect designs that you love. For you polish lovers, they will send you a monthly box of all your favorites.  Use the code FREEFALL and get a free gift.

Check out this video just to see how easy it really is:

Julep has it all. Why not try it out?






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