Acne Got You Down?

We have had so many of you  telling us about your acne problems that when we saw this line of products we felt like we just have to pass it along.  Acne doesn’t just effect you physically but also psychologically.  Makes you want to hide from the world…Makes you feel ugly and withdrawn. What’s a girl to do?

There are so many products out there.  Some are affordable and some not so much.  So how do you know which ones will work for you?

We found this line of acne products from a company called Exposed Skincare that seems like they may really help us girls (and guys) out. What I like about this company is that their 30-day guarantee If you use the entire product and it doesn’t clear up your acne you can return it for up to 1 year for a full refund (- shipping).


If you have tried another product that didn’t work, send them the empty bottle and  Get Clear Skin + $25 off !!!!


EXposed 3

Here’s what their website says:

“People all over the world suffer from acne; in fact it is the most common skin condition on the planet. However, due to its unsightly appearance many people are embarrassed to ask questions about acne and the different acne treatment available.

There are now many acne treatment products available some more effective than others. When looking into acne treatment you’ll see many worrying looking terms (such as benzoyl peroxide, acne scars, topical treatments, and cystic acne and prescription medication) often without a proper explanation of what they mean and how they relate to the acne you’re suffering from. Often people don’t even really understand the basics such as what pimples are and how to properly treat them.

When treating acne it a good idea to try and understand the cause of acne, the effects day to day items have on your skin and how different acne treatment works. Unfortunately, this is a far ranging topic with very few clear answers.”

You can read their ACNE Q&A here.  They also have a whole page on Home Remedies for Acne.

Oh yeah, if you happen to spend $40, they will give you a free sample too!!!

We are going to try to get our hands on some of these products and give you a review later on.  You Never know…Maybe a future #Beauty Box winner will get one of their products in their box!

Exposed 1





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5 years ago

I am struggling to find something that will clear my skin I’ve tried so many products and I’m hoping I get to try this before I enter school and go to school with clea skin