Congratulations Beauty Box Winners!

(round 2)




OK, so it’s round 2 of the much anticipated Beauty Box giveaways.  We’ve already given away 4 Beauty Boxes this Christmas season and now it’s time for some more.

Thanks all of our readers. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to share some of the wonderful products, reviews, and free samples that help give all of us more the ability to find the products that make us feel more beautiful.

Since it’s Christmas, and people really do win the Beauty Boxes, we thought we would post our winners right here.

All winners are notified via email so check your email for instructions on how to receive your Beauty Box!

 Remember, you are all winners!

xmas 1

              Mini Myrna

You are a Christmas Beauty Box Winner!

xmas 2

                                               Cassandra Sanchez

                                                                              You are a Christmas Beauty Box Winner!


         You are a Christmas Beauty Box Winner!

Picture 4


  You are a Christmas Beauty Box Winner!

xmas 3


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minnie myrna
minnie myrna
6 years ago

Hey guys, just wanted to say that i just received my beauty box and i am honestly so happy and blessed, thanks Beautyblog for making me feel special!!! =)