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Who’s walked into Sephora, gazed around the store and wanted to walk out because there were too many options to choose from? Lol, me. Choosing different lip colors, shadow colors and endless highlighters makes me feel like I’m in heaven. BUT choosing the perfect foundation? Overwhelming. I mean, it’s your base. To me, if my skin is looking off then it throws off the rest of my makeup.

Aside from choosing the right color, we need to start with choosing the right formula; And gosh, there’s TONS.

Seriously, how is anyone supposed to know what to choose from?! Let’s break it down!

We all know what this is, right? The magical item that completely evens out our skin and makes it look like our imperfections (or what my makeup teacher told me, “areas of opportunity”) look as though they’re not there. There’s a bunch of different elements that go into a foundation, though (to make it even more confusing for ya).

1. Types: Liquid, cream and powder
2. Finishes: Matte, semi-matte and dewy
3. Coverage: Full, medium and light

Tinted Moisturizer:
Essentially, this is just a really lightweight foundation. It provides a tiny bit of a coverage, but mostly your skin will still show through. The main difference I’d say between the two is that tinted moisturizers have a higher amount of humectants, aka a substance that keeps in moisture.

PRO TIP: Although tinted moisturizers are meant to give your skin added moisture, this should not replace your day and night time moisturizer!

BB Cream:
Also known as “Beauty Balm.” It has a bit more coverage than a tinted moisturizer and has added skin benefits, such as priming, SPF and antioxidants.

CC Cream:
Also known as “Color Corrector.” The difference between this and a BB Cream are so subtle, which makes life harder! CC Creams neutralize colors in the skin, such as redness as well as brighten dull tones. They tend to have a thicker formula than a BB Cream.

So if you’ve read all of this and still think “ummm they all sound the same,” I totally get you. In my opinion, products have really stepped up their game so the differences between all of the different types are SO subtle.

Keep these points in mind and your shopping will be a lot more simple:

1. First and foremost, never replace your skin care routine with a foundation/TM/BB cream/CC cream!
2. If you’re interested in a product because of it’s added skin benefits, than this should be your signal to incorporate this into your skin care routine as well (SPF, antioxidants, hydration) if you don’t already.
3. Take a closer look at your skin. Do you tend to get blemishes? Does your t-zone get shiny (aka oily) throughout the day? Do you notice dry patches or flakiness on your skin? Do you have any redness or other discoloration?

Along with the descriptions above, this will help you figure out which formula is perfect for you!



Many thanks to our guest blogger, Kimberly, for submitting this article.

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