Benefits of Drinking Tea

Benefits of Drinking Tea for Overall Beauty

For centuries tea has been considered a natural beverage and consuming it on a daily basis has been shown to fight many ailments. Not only that but tea contains herbs that are beneficial to your overall well being. It’s good for soothing a sore throat or relaxing nerves after a stressful day or replenishing the fluids in the body.

Tea For Beauty?

Drinking tea not only helps with feeling great on the inside, but beautiful on the outside. Many teas have herbal properties that can aid in the detoxifying process which can promote healthy and radiant looking skin. Tea contains antioxidants which can reduce the signs of aging and protects against everyday environmental pollutants. In addition to protecting the skin, tea can help boost your immune system, which fights off infections, keeping you healthy and happy.

Tea For Your Teeth


Having a couple of cups of unsweetened tea has been shown to help with keeping plaque away. Tea contains fluoride and drinking a couple of cups a day along with your usual routine of brushing and flossing can help produce a nice smile.

Tea For Your Skin


Green tea has been shown to have high levels of antioxidants and acts as an anti-inflammatory which is good for those who suffer from skin conditions such as acne or eczema. The antioxidant levels in tea can also help reduce stress lines which is important to about 99.99% of us. ūüôā Even if you have a bout with sunburn the effects from green tea can reduce the symptoms. If you routinely steam your face, try using the leaves from the green tea and create a steam facial. Pour boiling water into a bowl and cut the tea bag open emptying the leaves. Take a towel and place it around your head and bend down and let the steam work its magic for five minutes.

Tea For Your Hair


We already know that by drinking a cup of good quality tea it can drastically help your hair overtime. But did you know that if your hair is looking dull or lacks luster, rinse your hair with a combination of brewed black and green teas. This pre-rinse will give sheen and bounce to your hair. Leave on your tresses for ten minutes before shampooing and conditioning.

Types of Teas

Rosehip tea is another herb that is full of anti-bacterial and anti-aging properties. Hibiscus tea guards the cells against free radicals while sassafras and sarsaparilla teas have great skin cleansing properties.What’s also great about these herbal teas beyond drinking it is that the tea can be used as an astringent or natural toner for the skin. Just brew a combination of the tea bags alone or together and let the infused herbs cool. Apply to the skin with a cotton pad or fill with a spray mist bottle. The concoction also acts as a moisturizer, removing impurities from the skin. Don’t be so quick to throw away those tea bags just yet. They’re a great soother for puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. Store the used tea bags in the refrigerator until it cools, then place them under the eyes. The caffeine will help in shrinking the blood vessels around the eye.

Tea consumption can also help prevent degenerative and heart disease, helping reduce the risk of a heart attack or stroke. If you’re a coffee drinker and you’re looking to get a boost without all the jitters that comes with that cup of joe, consider its cousin: tea.

Where To Get The Best Quality Teas

After drinking tea for years and taking a survey of my fellow tea lovers we have found that the best quality for the best price comes from a company called Amoda√ā¬†. This is a little secret among avid tea drinkers. Unlike other places that charge almost 5.00 per cup you can order your tea direct and pay pennies on the dollar. They have even started a tea club (CLICK HERE TO CHECK THEM OUT) to help you try out their different tea varieties. Almost all of the women I know that have tried their teas give it a thumbs up.



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