Two for sure Mascara free ways to Bolden your eyelashes

It has been proven time and time again that mascara is nothing but harmful chemicals being applied to women’s eyelashes or draw attention to our eyes. Mascara has some very toxic elements including Coal Tar Dyes, Fragrances, and Formaldehyde just to name a few. Formaldehyde is used as a preservative for mascara. This is also a known carcinogen which is no meant to apply to eyes. Coal tar Dye is another carcinogenic substance which is made of heavy metals. Though you only apply it to your lashes it could still possibly enter your bloodstream which is toxic to your body. Fragrance is in mascara as well. This is put into mascara for the simple reason of hiding the smells of the other many chemicals put into makeup. Fragrance could potentially irritate your eyes. So now that you know all the toxic elements in your favorite makeup product, I would kindly advise you to try better alternatives.

So, you looked through a vogue magazine and noticed how long and beautiful their eyelashes are. You have tried every mascara product on the market. Every Product is responsible for one specific job, to make your eyelashes appear longer and bolder. You wasted all your money trying to perfect this. Nothing works what so ever. What you are finding out at this moment by reading is that there is a better and natural way to growing strong luscious lashes in just days! This remedy is clump free and safer than regular mascara.

The ingredients to this serum are all natural. Coconut oil, lavender oil, and lemon oil. The steps taken in this is quite simple. Get a roller Bottle (like the ones used for roller lip gloss) Fill the bottle ¼ the way to the top with Virgin Coconut oil. Then you’re going to apply one drop of both the Lavender oil and the lemon oil into the roller bottle. Mix the oils very thoroughly. Push in the roller lid on the top of the bottle. Shake the mixture. The reason for using a roller bottle helps from the eyes getting contaminated. You can apply this on your eyes daily for the best results.


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