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Check Out These Beauty Tips

Tip 1. Bobby Pins

Did you know that most people use bobby pins wrong? This is a true fact. Most people put the wavy side of bobby pin up when it is supposed to go down. Now be honest, you know you do this too.

Tip 2. Eyeliner Secret

Did you know that if you were to freeze your eyeliner about 15 minutes before using it the eyeliner will go on a lot smoother and have less clumps.

Tip 3. Take Cold/Cool Showers

I know what you are thinking. You hate cold showers. But if you like your beauty you will start to like the cooler showers. By taking cooler showers you will close your pores and help your skin to get that glowing look. If you take cool showers before you go out it will prevent you from getting dirt and oil in your pores which leads to acne.

Tip 4. Toothpaste For Zits

Some of you may already know this but for those of you that don’t if you take just a little bit of toothpaste, not gel or whitening, just old fashioned regular toothpaste and apply it to your zit it will help to dry it out and get rid of swelling.

Tip 5. Vaseline On Fingernails

This one I found to be very interesting. If you put Vaseline on your fingernails they will actually grow faster. Not only that but it will help to strengthen them.

Tip 6. Lighter Lipstick

If you don’t have full lips start to wear lighter lipsticks. Wearing lighter colored lipsticks will help your lips to look fuller and more plump than the darker colors.

Tip 7. Eyelash Curler

So we all have eyelash curlers but did you know that if you were to just heat your eyelash curler with your hairdryer for about 10 seconds your eyelashes will stay curled for a longer period of time. Don’t burn your eyes out. ūüôā

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