Ok, tell the truth…isn’t eyeliner one of the hardest makeup things to do?  It’s very hard to get that straight line and forget making both eyes look the same. Eyeliner done right is beautiful but eyeliner gone wrong, well let’s just say UGHH!!!  Any type of hard line on the face needs to be done perfectly or not at all. Messy liner, especially if it’s liquid, makes you look older and harsher.

Many times it’s the brand. Cover Girl has a great liner called Queen Collection Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner.  It’s not a pencil so it doesn’t drag and it’s not a liquid so it’s a little easier to get that straight line you are looking for. Very creamy.

Another good one is by BH Cosmetics Eye Crayons.  They have 3-paks available in all kinds of colors.  One of our favorites is Sapphire. These voluptuous, waterproof BH Eye Crayons can be used as eyeliner or eye shadow. Their smooth formula allows you to effortlessly define or smudge as you wish. All colors except Shadow have a soft shimmer so they really make for a beautiful soft look.

Starts with a darker color to make your eyes stand out then apply a color right over the darker one and WOW! Use a color like Origins Eye Brightening Color StickIceblue is just beautiful! These Eye Brightening Color Sticks Glide on for endless eye-opening effects. Use along lids as a liner or glide all over like a shadow. This icy-blue stick provides endless eye-opening effects.

No matter which colors or brands you decide to go with, actually applying it can be hard, especially if you don’t have a steady hand. Check out this video to see how to do it perfectly every time…



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