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Have you ever tried to touch your toe with your hands?

Can you do it for at least 1 min?

If no, then your body has lack of flexibility. Our body undergoes several physical and mental stresses. Physical tension or stress makes your body muscles less flexibility and more rigid. These rigid muscles create a big problem in whenever you try to do workout or physical activity. One of the best and proven method to gain flexibility is to do exercise or workout daily.

Exercise brings all the functioning of the body into the normal state including improving the flow of oxygen, blood and nutrients in the body. When your body gets all the nutrients, it gets lubrication which removes the rigid and stiffness in the body. This improves overall performance of the body. Flexibility is very important for the persons that are recovering from certain injury.

Instead of exercising, there are several ways to gain high level of flexibility in the body.

1. Bodyweight exercises

Stretches are basically used for warming up the body before the workout. You can try some side lunges, squats, lunges, jumping jacks or some push-ups before starting your workout. You can perform all these bodyweight exercises for 20-30 reps. these will help you to get prepare for your workout and tackle your stamina for workout.

2. Stretching

Stretching positions are the best ways to make your body flexible and strengthen. This also helps in tightening and lengthening up the muscles. Stretching also help your body to get improved body postures and boosted stamina. Post workout stretching can help your body to gain improved flexibility and prevent from sore muscles.

3. Try Massage

Stretching and bodyweight exercise can bring flexibility but only more than the flexibility gained from body massage session. Body massage focuses on breaking up the muscle knots and improving the oxygen circulation in the body. This generates extreme flexibility in the body muscles. Pre-workout massage is very beneficial for the sports persons or bodybuilders. Body Spa in Ranchi are quite famous for their high quality Body Massage services at the most affordable prices.

4. Relax your mind

Stress is one of the main reasons behind tensed and knotted muscles. All you need is to relax your mind from all tensions and worries. If it is possible then get a break from work and find a place where you can relax yourself. Ensure that place is quite and soothing for your mind as well as soul. Massage parlours are one of the great choices to get relaxed. You can get multiple options of Body Treatments in Ranchi, Delhi or Kanpur.

5. Breathe properly

The ordinary lifter utilizes their rib cage a great deal excessively to breath, which doesn’t draw in the stomach ideally. Rather concentrate on belly breaths where the belly button moves in and out with every breath. Try at least five minutes a day working out on enhancing breathing for a more relaxation and stress- free mind.

6. Drink sufficient water

Water shapes a vast piece of our muscle composition. All together for our muscles to react to flexibility training, they must work ideally. That incorporates appropriate hydration. Numerous people are walking around in a continually got dried out or dehydrated state. Concentrate on drinking more water, particularly during and after hard exercise sessions to keep your muscles working ideally and avoid performance decays because of lack of hydration.

7. Play Some Sports

Sports are one of the best exercises to get flexible and strong body. You can notice the sports persons- they have such toned and flexible body that they always stay active and energy to play anytime and anywhere. So, it is better to try some sports and change your lifestyle. Sports also help you to get boosted strength and stamina. Sports are always the best ways to get your muscle strong, toned and flexible.


Fitness is not getting away from health conditions. It is about transforming your body into an improved and stronger form. Fitness brings energy, immunity and flexibility. Follow the above most effective ways to get improved flexibility and performance. Stay fit!


Special thanks to our guest blogger, Poonam!



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