Choosing a massage table require the buyers to ask themselves one major question-
Do they require a stationary massage table or electric massage table
or do they need a portable massage table?

This question changes the parameters on which a massage table is
chosen. The following are some of these factors which influence the
decision of the buyer and allows him to choose the best portable
massage tables:

1.	Use of the Table
The first factor to consider is the use of the buyer i.e. professional
or personal. Second is the major question- Stationary, electric or
portable massage table? Usually electric massage table is used for
personal use while stationary is used for massage salons (where it
needs to be installed just once) and portable massage tables are used
for freelance massage sessions (where it is carried to different
venues and installed every time). This directly influence other
factors and decide which the perfect massage table is for the buyer.

2.	Cost of the Table
The second consideration of any buyer is the price/ rate of the
massage table which determines if the table is in the budget of the
buyer or not. It is not necessary that a lower cost table will be of
lower quality and same goes for higher cost tables. Cost and quality
are considered together because a buyer cannot sacrifice the quality
of the table adversely just because of the higher cost of better
tables. The quality of the table directly deals with the comfort of
massage therapy.

3.	Weight of the Table
Weight of the table defines its portability i.e. lighter the table,
more it is used (portably). Portable massage tables are required to be
light and have enough strength to handle different types of massage

4.	Fabric and Foam of the Table
It determines the quality and comfort of the table. Thicker foams
provide more comfort than thinner foams (memory foams) and the fabric
of the table (wood, aluminum or a mix of the two) as well as the foam
(material used) influences the comfort level of the table.

5.	Size of the Table
The length, width and height of the table determines its weight, usage
and types of massages that can be practiced on it. It is also decided
as per the personality of the masseuse.

6.	Features of the table
The price point is overlooked when there are a lot of features offered
by the table like adjustments, armrests/ headrests, face holes and
automation et-cetera. The more the features, the more is the price of
the table. There are many websites which has Portable Massage Tables for sale to
attract traffic and fight competition.

7.	Type of the Table
There are three types of massage tables- entry level, professional and
lightweight tables. 

a)	Entry-level Massage Table - It is totally dependent on the budget of
the buyer i.e. if it is limited, then this is the best choice. It has
a sound foundation and a solid reputation. Buyer needs to focus on the
quality of the raw materials and fabric of the table.
b)	Professional Massage Tables - It requires customizing options as
well as needs the raw materials & fabric of the table to be high
quality. It must offer more comfort and support; catering to all the
types of massage therapies, the masseuse (professional) wants to
c)	Lightweight Massage Tables - It caters to buyers who wants to
transport the table on a regular basis. The lightweight feature
enables the user to carry it around anywhere he desires to. It has to
be of good quality and strength to avoid massage session mishaps. 

Quality or Price?

Always choose quality over rate of the table in such a case because
massage therapies are all about a soothing-calm experience and
anything lesser is not advisable.
The best products offer the best services and as massage is a service
industry, it needs to be pleasing and comfortable for the clients as
well as the masseuses.

Special thnks to our guest post editor from Massage Table for Less.
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