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5 Trends Recently Brought On The Scene By Fashion Designers For 2014

2014 has just arrived and fashion trends have suffered a huge change from the last season. Let’s be honest, every woman wants to be fashionable and look fabulous, even if this involves wearing expensive garments and spending hours in front of the mirror, doing up their makeup and fitting their accessories. However, 2014 brings many old trends back on the scene, with severe adjustments that make them simply unrecognizable. Fashion designers are enchanted to bring novelty with their newly-created outfits, and women are delighted to wear them. Here are the top fashion trends for 2014.

Pastels are present everywhere
Pastels make every garment look precious due to their untainted simplicity – whether we talk about pale pink, linden green or various shades of burgundies, all these pastels will infuse a small amount of color into all the garments we will be wearing this year. Pastels are a great way to create powerful contrasts with the other colors you would be wearing – not to mention that you can easily scale back drama if you plan to get an intense, authentic and feminine look.

Athletic style brings sporty fashion back
Adidas pants and crop tops are dated this season, as fashion designers approached a new athletic look that should not be probably worn when hitting the local gym or fitness club. They all took new approaches on the sporty fashion, channeling mesh overlays of our middle-school gym classes or keeping everything clear and classic. They only needed to bring some details to the outfits and combine bold colors for a great contrast – and that was enough to bring the sporty fashion back!

Metallics bring future to the present
2014 comes with a retro interpretation of what we thought the future would look like: metallic-embellished flapper dresses that contradict silver uniforms, debuting with colorful metallic suits. It is obvious that all fashion designers put all their efforts in creating these outfits – Lanvin’s collection is probably the best example, as it layered several looks of metallics to bring originality on the scene. Ask yourself, “Would I wear this garment on Electric Circus?” and you will know whether metallics are a spring hit or not.

Royal colors splash on every garment
Artful colors are fashionable in 2014, and apparently Lady Gaga knew what she was doing when she named her previous album “Artpop.” These colors are royal, splashing bright shades all around the place and bringing richness and drama to this season’s look. That is truly fitting, since art was something only royalty and nobility could afford once upon a time.

The 90s are back
When we think about the 90s our mind invariably pictures short skirts, belly-high blouses and long hair. However, 2014 comes with a new approach on 90s fashion, bringing metallic embellishments and showcased overalls to the scene. An old Nirvana shirt makes the piece du resistance of every outfit, especially if you choose bold colors, like burgundies or cobalt blue. Rodarte did not limit only to overalls and made sure to come with an showcased flannel as well, to bring some novelty and uniqueness to the outfit, while offering it a bold, yet feminine look.

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