5 Eyeliner Pencil Hacks Every Girl Should Know!

You are in a rush to go out and get your hands on minimal makeup to give you a polished look. What do you grab? I think probably foundation, lipstick and an eye pencil or eyeliner. Feeling smart, you think you have it all covered but what you don’t know is that, with just one wrong flick of your eyeliner or pencil, you’ll have to redo everything.

Eyeliner has been in use since as early as 10,000 B.C. Winged Eyeliner enhances the eyes and gives a defined look to the most prominent feature on anyone’s face. However, applying it can be a bit tricky as our eyes are not in a straight line and you always need a steady hand to give it a smooth look. So if you want perfectly lined eyes, then read on.



Mastering the Cat-Eye

Cat eye makeup has to be the most coveted style of putting on eyeliner. But you need to be perfect to get that look. All you need is a spoon and your favorite eyeliner. Use the handle of the spoon to draw the angled line and the curved part of the spoon to create the shape. Now fill in and finish your flick. You can also use the edge of a business card to create the flick you want, by placing it near the outer edge of your eye and drawing along it.



Lining your Eyes with an Eye-Pencil

If you don’t have a steady hand or you are not sure what type of shape you want, draw the lining with an eye pencil. You can easily remove it, as opposed to an eye liner. You don’t have to draw the whole line. Rather you can do it as you go along. Then you can trace it over with the liquid eyeliner and fill it up. To make your eyeliner last longer, you can lightly dust eyeshadow in the same shade on the top.



Eyeliner Emergency Fixes

You are in a rush and find out that there’s no eyeliner left. No need to run to the nearest drugstore to get a new one! Substitute it with an eye shadow. Dampen your eye shadow brush with a few drops of water and dab it on your eye shadow palette. Voila, you have your eyeliner!

You can also heat up your kohl liner at the tip for a few seconds to get that eyeliner look. Make sure you test it on your hand before applying it on your eyes!

If you find that your eyeliner is crumbly, no need to throw it in the bin. Just put it in the freezer for a few minutes so that it regains its shape.

Don’t like to use a glittery eye shadow? Just put on a glitter line over your eyeliner to instantly amp up your eyeliner from a day to night look.




Fixing Your Smudges

Getting your eyeliner right has to be the hardest thing to do, if you are not an expert. Going through the cycle of putting it on and then erasing it, can be exhausting! We have an instant fix or two for you. If you have smudged your liner a bit, you don’t have to erase it all. Just use a skin-colored eyeliner and draw over it. You can also use a cotton bud, dipped in petroleum jelly, to sharpen the smudged edges of your eyeliner.



Using Different Colored Eyeliners

If you are adventurous and like experimenting, then colored eyeliners are for you. You can line above and below your eyebrows and then smudge it with a makeup sponge or brush to define your eyebrows. You can use it near the inner corners of your eyes to give them the pop they need. You can also use it as a primer for your eyes, before putting on the black eyeliner. It makes your black eyeliner last longer. Use white eyeliner to line the inner rims of your eyes to make them look bigger and brighter.

As far as colored eyeliners go, you can use them with white eyeliner to create an ombre effect, which essentially opens up your eyes. Use the white eyeliner on the inner three-quarters of your lid line and then use a darker color on the outer side. Smudge them together in the middle so that they overlap.


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